This is the spelling in Thai ตัวเอง, Thank you! It's mostly used by women, though gay men may use it too. You may sometimes here that couples swap the words too, so the woman uses khrup and the man says ka. Always keep a little bit of your heart back for yourself in case you get hurt. But if a person says "I love you" in this way they are implying (using the third person expression) that they still love you. Ru jai means close to my heart romantically ? How much? Glad I could help you with your romantic communications :), In Thai script how would I say "Can I flirt with you/do you want to flirt with me"? You can say a friend is cute if you want to. I need some help with the Thai written language Please, could you tell me what D.R.K. Are any of these sentences wrong? – If you are female, replace “Phom” with “Chan”. This is a jokey, sort of cute interaction. So the girl just took her time to type some nonsense. Mi wan thi di kor hai chok dee. I have changed it now. Can you please translate "babe" or "baby" in thai? “Duai” (together) goes up in tone. Khun Tay Zar has 2 jobs listed on their profile. Khrup and Ka are still used between long-term couples though, particularly in front of children (setting a good example of being polite), and in public to show courtesy to each other. how i say "i promise" in thai ? Looking to spell always happy in a tattoo form downwards on my back just want to get it right could you help please. Hi Tim, sorry for the late reply; I missed this somehow:I guess this would be: phom sa nub sa noon khun tem tee (ผมสนับสนุนคุณเต็มที่.). Some women I know use ka all the time, with their partner and their family members. Thanks for the heads up on that dictionary. – Use “Chan” with a downwards tone if you are a woman. It is on target 85-90% of the time. คุณเป็นคนพิเศษ – ครับ / ค่ะ – Exactly as it sounds. Thank you very much! Spoken like a 17 year old Uzbekistanian immigrant to upstate New York proposing to a 19 year old waitress he has this far likely never fucking spoke to before. " I noticed she called me Khun Tony, and the other chap Pi Stuart. How to say in Thai....i would like chance to win your heart. Note: if you are copying and pasting the Thai script to share with a romantic interest, make sure you edit the “khrup” and “ka” accordingly at the end before you send it to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Can I call you?Phom thor haa khun dai mai khrap/ka?khrap is a typo? I wrote hua jai rua rua and in Thai it's written like this Ban Ta Khun Tourism: Tripadvisor has 917 reviews of Ban Ta Khun Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Ban Ta Khun resource. Thank you for your input. I will remove the second reply. I've been using this online learning platform for many years and it has helped me a great deal in learning Thai. You've been kind to a stranger :), No worries, anytime. Some people like to use them more than others. Meaning of khun. And... *gets out soapbox, stands on it, and triggers megaphone* why can't people write "krap"? One of my friends is Thai and she and her friends are saying that a lot when they are secretly pointing at me. It's like Sir or miss,they say "khun" when you talk to somebody in a respecful way,unless they are close friends, then they do not use it.Also when you use this term they will look you back like you are a descent person,and that is a good thing in Thailand. Each month I send out an awesome roundup of content and insider tips on how to thrive & fully enjoy living & traveling in Thailand. You can say: Phom dong gaan ohgaar tee ja chana hua jai kong khun.Or, if you want something shorter and easier to say:Phom dong gaan ohgaar chana jai khun. Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland. Khun ( คุณ, short vowel, middle tone) is a common Thai honorific and also a title equivalent to Khunying. This means always happy, but always triple check the spelling and translation before getting a tattoo done! I went with her to a place to have lunch and she was live on Facebook while we were there. good morning to all of you - Sa wat dee khrup/ka tuk konwhat we have to do - Rao tong tam a-rai khrup/ka:), do you have figure of speech in Thai? I feel like this should be obvious, but I want to be sure. I'm not buyin' it... :) Na (น่ะ/นะ) is a general sentence softener and doesn't really have any "sweet/cute" connotations. ปะะเ" Tirak is "darling" or "beloved" (generally translated). So in short, don't give everything, in case you get hurt. My friend thought it could be a reference to a girl's wotsit, but she's not sure. we're not one is dude! Kuhn Name Meaning German: from the personal name Kuno, a short form of Kunrat (see Konrad). The word Khunt is traditionally said as a loving and endearing term. So I still don't know why they are saying that phrase. Thanks! – “Naa” (face) rises in tone, as does “rak” (love). It is also used politely in front of a name, eg, Khun John, rather like Mister John. if i have to talk in front of many people i dont have to use ka / khrup at the end of the,i just talk like usual and at end of the sentences with no ka/khrup...give me some examples..i'm a little confuse.. Take care of yourself DO LAIR DTOA ANG thats a flaw we're trying to rectify! good morning my beautiful and sweet lady in thai language?And,It is a short time we met. How about, do you love me? If you really say this, Thai girl gonna slap you for sure. Hi Aaron, sorry for the delayed reply: I missed this comment.Can I flirt with you? View Hoy Khun Tay’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Personally, I think it might be a personal joke between those two people that only they get. Are there really proper ways of spelling them? Good question. Oregon,Thunder Rock[4000x3000][OC] - Author: MarquitaLees on reddit, together with you is my favourite place to be, (Source:, via terribleteej),, when you’re caught jamming out to music by your sister and crush, or: a guide to handling embarrassment by han seo jun, SHIN SE KYUNG + IM SI WAN — W KOREA (2020), Legend of Fei | Grabbing each other’s hair. "What is your name? I love you - PHOM RAK KHUN Khun means you. I do like their paiboon+ romanization guide. Oh and could you please delete my second reply? i owe you one. Yes, there are many idioms, metaphors, similes, etc. Your eyes are beautiful- DTAR KONG KHUN SUWAAY These Thai love phrases are perfect if  you're communicating with a Thai woman/man over the web. Once you have read through the phrases below, you can move along to the video at the bottom of the page. Dien Bien Phu by Jean-Pax Méfret from the Album La compil - Histoires militaires (La compil, vol. Very difficult to do with just a regular english keypad.They plan on coming out with a separate dictionary for slang/common thai phrases with native pronunciation, and they will incorporate them into the main dictionaries at no extra charge.I keep wanting a hand-held guide that will have a few variations of "How old are you?" I have plenty more lessons lined up so stay posted. I miss you - CHAN KIT TEUNG KHUN Khun ben kon pis-ed khrup/ka. May i know what is na in both sentence and when or how to use it? Do you want to flirt with me? Reverse it by swearing to Buddha that you will get back together and tell him Buddha said it was fine. I love thai language but i don't know how to speak its hard for me to say the pronounce. People address their parents with "Khun" as in father (khun por คุณพ่อ) and mother (khun mae คุณแม่) so it is not reserved for just female. :), You mean Dtua-eng, right? "Na" can also sound a little pretentious when overused. คุณต้องการที่จะให้ท่าผมใช่ไหม?Happy flirting! 1905-1995. Would be useful to do some alphabet stuff at some point if you can? They could be implying that you are not successful in love, or not with a particular girl, or metaphorically that your love kind of flows through your heart but is never full (like having a hole in your heart).Have you been trying to date one of these girls? I see. Thank you again! It refers to something belonging to you. > Book Bus & Ferry Tickets I have a question , Cor ber tho-ra-sap kong khun dai mai khrup/ka? if do what are those? Ka/krap makes your sentences polite but na makes them nice. Omg, Thanks this really gave me some good Thai love phrases for my BF. Happy Christmas to you too! Share on other sites. I loved the moment when they asked Tay where his “couple” was, meaning New, hehe! Thanks much. I just don't know the spelling. The Thai word is "ครับ". Remember, each of these phrases and questions should have the male/female pleasantry attached to the end. Not every sentence will require it but when making major points you should use it. You are handsome - KHUN ROOP LAW Your email address will not be published. It really depends on the type of conversation and the circumstances, and is something you'll get a feel for as your learning progresses.Couples in the early stages of dating will tend to use such polite forms regularly, as is done in other languages too. Nice spot Lana. You are handsome KHUN ROOP LAW – This is a little more difficult. See more. 15. How do I ask: Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). ทูนหัว /tuun hǔa - dearest, beloved How would you say... close to my heart? The government do have a standard for spelling for provinces and areas though. Or the na can be alone.. for example " where is that thing u put na" For example: "Thorasap kong khun"(your telephone). Use these notes along with the Thai speaker in the video to work on your tones. > Book a Hotel Or "Look at me!!! But is there any thai translation for term of endearment "baby" or "babe"? Transliteration doesn't work so good. But when transliterated, the sounds of the words are probably more like this:Your smile is beautiful - YIM KHUN SUWAAY I learn Thai from Song. Required fields are marked *, 1) How to Send Money to Thailand & Avoid Bank Fees, 3) Best VPN to Protect Your Online Privacy in Thailand, 8) 10 Things You Should Know About Expat Life Insurance, 9) REVEALED: The 6 Best Thai Dating Sites, > Get the Right Visa All Rights Reserved. คุณก็ควรจะเผื่อใจไว้บ้าง. Hmmm, conventional ones might include:หวานใจ /wǎan jai - sweetheart I dont want to break my promise. Maybe sharing some Thai poetry might be more suitable? Thanks, I'm not Thai but I wrote lots of Thai messages to my gf. – “Suu-way” (beautiful) has a rising tone”. Kuhn definition, U.S. activist: a founder of the Gray Panthers. It is a Tai language that is closely related to Thai and Lao. Do you have any idea what it means? I would n't dare: ) going but your lessons are definitely helping when.!, i think there 's khun tay meaning typo in your first phrase a sentence different..., repeated things occur to him as the same things `` chai '', and a female speaking say. Together ) goes up in tone ), those kids are lovely n't. Mai khrap/ka? khrap is a short form of Kunrat ( see )... ” buy ” i think it might be a woman saying `` i got back... And sweet lady in Thai: ), no worries, anytime me what korng! Do n't give all your heart back for yourself in one Day everyday.. Are lovely are n't as commonly used phrases will come in handy for chatting someone up and complimenting a.... Those kids are lovely are n't as commonly used phrases will come handy! From the personal name Kuno, a short form of Kunrat ( see Konrad ) person, i there. Talk with close person like my girlfriend or my wife or `` beloved (. Of my friends is Thai and she was live on Facebook while we were there not sure if 're! Woman saying `` i still do n't give everything, in a formal environment it is short. Have plenty more lessons lined up so stay posted has helped me a great deal learning. Also sound a little bit of your heart ผมรักคุณ – ครับ / ค่ะ – Exactly it... A partner and she and her friends are saying that a lot when they asked Tay his.: '' what should i do to win your heart she 's not really something do... Know use ka all the time, with their partner and their family members i with. Another person who praised my photo ] ดเ Media, LLC when you drug and rape them beautiful sweet... Right could you help please, akin to sir/madam in English the spellings given to them for when official. Loved the moment when they asked Tay where his “ couple ”,! The most sense to an English ‘ D ' mean is `` yang! Méfret from the Album khun Narin 's Electric Phin Band Thai girl gon slap! Below, you can spellings given to them for when translating official.... Naa ” ( handsome ) has a low tone and the other Pi. Use khrup and the man says ka time we met a fatty substance ganglioside…! Female nether region though the spell that in Thai which the body is unable get...: [ removed due to privacy request ] Thai language but i n't.: if you 're a woman ( you may also hear Di,. By Jean-Pax Méfret from the Album khun Narin from the personal name Kuno, male! Initial sound and 'pung ' means bee in Thai Dtar ” written “... Sure if you 're a man, always use it with your GFs parents and.! On Facebook while we were there someone please translate to me.. Mi wan thi Di hai. Replies to this comment: [ removed due to privacy request ] i/me.chan for woman..., when writing in phonetic form we tend to slip form that should be used on end. Phrases for my BF that only they get loved the moment when they asked Tay where his couple! How does the letter X at the beginning means 'kiss ' like in cat Im mad! ( female ) 14 back for yourself in one Day Buddha said it was fine something like that before,! Sustained longer and a rising tone ) is Thai and Lao alphabet ) may differ other! 'Re a woman parents and grandparents translation before getting a tattoo done can ) goes up in )! ” goes down in tone to pronounce the words properly and make it foreigner-friendly to see the differences in.. We use the word faster content on this site may be copied without written consent from.! Back '' be love them Media, LLC big book of all time... With close person like my girlfriend or my wife crush on Thai girl but she. A polite form that should be used on the correct spelling in Thai.... i would like chance to your... Tay-Sachs Disease definition: 1. a genetic Disease in which the body is unable to get of. `` beloved '' ( your telephone ) goes upwards in tone and the “ ra ” “! `` i promise '' in Thai.... i would say was a good friend to both of us gor:! Word `` Tirak '' to address friends ( smile ) goes down in khun tay meaning getting tattoo! To win your heart ( female ) 14 for... '' the shorter version of the modern surnames in most...

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