I have Gossamer Veil, Agreeable Gray on a paint board. So how does one determine if Repose Gray is “the one”??? The simplest solution is to repaint the wall. In this video, I will talk about what you should know about Repose Gray before rushing to a decision that it's the color you want for your home. Wall Color: Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) (source) Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore (OC-23) Classic Gray – LRV: 74.74 (LRV, or Light Reflectance Value is a scale commonly used by design professionals where 0 = absolute black and 100 is pure … The undertones are gray, brown, greige and an itty bitty hint of purple / blue. This quality is probably due to the presence of taupe. Would a second coat help or should I try another grey? Learn more. Repose Gray can also be considered “greige” as there is a hint of beige undertones. Agreeable Gray looks is perfect for kitchens, and looks amazing in the image below. The Best Blue/Green Farmhouse Paint Colors ~Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. 2. I cried. If you have 3 different floors in those 5 rooms, you will then multiply 25 x 3. You might want to take the paint chips to a lighting store that has a 'display box ' of incandescent, LED and fluorescent lighting. That's why many people will paint a 3ft x 3ft board (like artist's board) in the colour they like and then place it in different rooms at different times of the day. Whew. I wanted a clean pale blue but it turned out a gray lavender which looks like a baby girls room. As you can imagine, his recovery is currently our first priority and as a result, we have had to halt all action on the project until he has healed. And then we look at flooring (oh dear). SW 7015 is a perfect gray paint color because this warm gray goes with blues, browns, blacks and most colors. It contrasts nicely against the true white cabinets and ceiling. Don’t get me wrong…this color is definitely not as fresh, bright and clean as the newly-trending “white”, but it provides a softness I find perfect for the  bedroom (bow chicka wow wow). It was waaaay too blue for me and actually a deeper color than I had thought it would be. Talk about versatile, The most modern neutral, charcoal gray looks great in dining rooms, living rooms and even nurseries. Repose Gray looks so good paired with white trim and hardwood flooring. It definitely wasn't! But just fyi for anyone reading this, Repose Gray is not purple. Since the color is made using different percentages of colors the final color can have a visible color undertone. Gray, the ‘it’ neutral of recent years, has left beige in the shade. It is stunning on the wall and it works in a variety of lighting situations. Any thoughts? I know nothing about lighting, but it would make sense to me that if you installed bulbs with a yellowish cast, the blue would change to more of a green (I think). From my observation of the various samples alone, Respose Gray seemed to have the least amount of undertones- a pure gray. It is a warm gray/greige, however, put it in a north facing room and DAMN if it doesn’t look gray/blue! This is a pic of it on my walls- right one is repose Grey and the left is a random Lowes color- villa grey by Valspar. If you have a SW color fan, compare Repose to Aloof Gray and you can see the subtle purple in Repose. Repose Gray works best in room with an average amount of natural light. Repose gray is a very livable color that doesn’t feel sterile or stark. But if you don’t want blue, select a different color. Gray is hotter than ever, thanks to a hit novel full of risks and dark secrets. Isn’t Repose Gray an amazing color? This unfortunate incident just goes to show what an integral part my husband truly plays in the whole renovation process and , ultimately,  in my blog. Its so funny because it really is one of the purest grays I have seen thus far but I totally know that odd hour of purple you mentioned. In a North facing room Repose will look on the cooler side and in a South facing room it will pull warmer. Thank you so much, Rozanna. And while Repose Gray is undeniably warmer than many of its gray constituents- which can often read blue (like Sherwin Williams Passive)- it is definitely not as warm as a Revere Pewter. In a heavily wooded setting with a wall of windows on the north and one window on the west. I just painted an entire rental property the SW repose gray and it totally looks baby blue...I was wondering the same thing. Mindful Gray Undertones. Let me know if I can help you find the right color through a Color Consultation! Any ideas what paint color to shoot for to cancel out the blue look? I told my painter that if the other 2 rooms and he detected a hint of purple to please stop. Or if there are blue undertones they will be made STRONGER by a north facing room. Mandy G says: Repose and Agreeable are Graige colors… not “true gray”. It is as simple as that. While he has no prior experience in construction, he is the fearless one who always figures out the intimidating stuff (electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, etc). Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore, 3. After living with this neutral color for a few years, I have to say that it has become one of my favorite light to medium grays. Shown above, SIMILAR colour, Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray. Some greys have more blue undertones. It is also important to keep in mind that trim, door and ceiling color can greatly impact how your wall color reads. I hope this helped! Those of you who have noted that it looks darker than the Repose Gray in the adjoining hallway are in fact, right. I agonized over choosing a warm gray color. Even with primer you may need two coats. There are 5 times of day: early morning/first light, mid-morning/noon, after noon, evening (natural + artificial lighting) and night time (artificial lighting only). Now we have 75 possible options. It's a neutral with a teeny bit of a warm undertone so if feels good even in low light. I'm sorry you are not in love with it. Isn’t it so beautiful? Maybe swiss coffee or something? While every gray has undertones, some grays flex a bit more and Repose Gray is DEFINITELY one of those grays. The other colors are 2. So..full disclosure here… I am just the wuss with the big ideas. Grays are tough. If you’re looking for a gray for … Repose Gray has a gray base with subtle brown undertones. Add navy blue and medium tan accents for a coastal California living room. Repose Gray has a touch of a blue undertone and Agreeable Gray is a bit warmer (a warm greige). I recommend painting large samples on the wall and observing how the paint color changes through out the day. . Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is one of the most popular shades of gray for a very good reason: it works virtually everywhere. This one is the darkest of the 3 but has a great mix of blue and gray. I'm seeing PLENTY of blue undertones. If you ever watched a show of Fixer Upper you probably have seen Sea Salt in … Only after viewing the colour in all 5 lighting situations will you be able to see the "true colours" in the paint you have chosen. In spaces filled with a lot of natural light, it can look white with a very slight hint of warm gray. Our home is a … That's a LOT of investigation. I wanted a clean pale blue but it turned out a gray lavender which looks like a baby girls room. If you’re unsure, use that handy compass app on your iPhone. I’m looking at repose gray and agreeable gray for my entire house. The foyer actually belongs to my friend Ashley. Agreeable Gray Vs Revere Pewter. Make warm gray your new go-to neutral. As do many beiges. (read more about my favorite blue-gray paint colors here). Is there something wrong with my walls? Tell us: Which paint shade possesses you? As do many beiges. My girl Ashley of Project Allen Designs was kind enough to let me use some photos of her home which demonstrate how this color can read differently in various situations(her foyer is also photographed above)…. And while Repose Gray is undeniably warmer than many of its gray constituents- which can often read blue (like Sherwin Williams Passive)- it is definitely not as warm as a Revere Pewter. Only one coat of repose gray. As a result of it’s middle ground on the warmth spectrum, it never … My other friends say that it's gray but understand why I think it's blue (not sure what that means). If you look closely at Repose Gray above, you can see that it is a light gray with just the right hint of warmth and cool. Collonade Gray by Sherwin-Williams, 5. They both look amazing. Interior designer, DIY-er, bargain hunter and potty-mouth boy mom, follow along as I renovate my 1980's fixer upper on a budget.Through DIY solutions and thoughtful life hacks, I'm here to help you design beautiful vibes for your home, your family and your sexy, little self- all without breaking the bank. Repose Gray has an LVR of 58, while Agreeable Gray has an LVR of 60. Mindful Gray is another pretty warm gray from Sherwin Williams. Another popular bluish-gray is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, which you can see is very greenish-blue in comparison to Respose Gray. Anew Gray is definitely more of a “greige” neutral color. Otherwise, they will make each other look sick. The right shade of gray pairs nicely with whites and woods to serve up elegance and sophistication, A designer shares 10 tips for using the neutral shade that works best for you, With this versatile hue, you can go dark and bold or slip into something more soothing, See why this hue can be the perfect neutral for any house, Leading Wiltshire Architects Creating Beautiful Homes, Color Guide: How to Work With Charcoal Gray, Designers Share Their Favorite Light Gray Paints, Color of the Week: Decorating With Warm Gray, Color Feast: When to Use Gray in the Dining Room, Dreaming in Color: 8 Gorgeous Gray Bedrooms, Exterior Color of the Week: 7 Ways With Warm Gray, Need help with paint color for girl's bedroom. That was better but still darker and with more color intensity than I wanted. It looks blue regardless of the light conditions and the time of day. The Best Blue/Green Farmhouse Paint Colors ~Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. With 5 rooms you will have 25 possible lighting combinations. I put some Sherwin Williams Repose Gray on two walls... and it looks blue to me. Undertones are just that....they are UNDER the colour and often are hard to see unless you've played the "spot the undertones" game for years. Get design inspiration for painting projects. And BTW: winter daytime light is vastly different than summer daytime light (cloudy days = blue; sunny days = yellow). I painted the board and taped it up in every room, daytime and evening. Just like all paint colors, it will look different in every room—but it truly works every single time. If you have 5 rooms, you will have an equation that looks like this: 5x5 = 25. But we finished them and added Bher Wheat Bread (which turned out to be grey) to some walls and I loved it. After testing various “greige” (grays with beige undertones) samples against my carpet and headboard, I decided Repose Gray was the winner. We chose Bher River Rock for our living area and 20 ft ceilings. Most of the SW grays are blue in my SW facing house. I also want to note that if your floors and furnishings are on the warmer side, then your walls may appear warmer as well, but that goes for any color. Something about the gray-blue tone really complements it so well! I painted our living room in Repose Gray – you can read all about it here. Even Agreeable gray shows blue. Repose Gray works best in room with an average amount of natural light. Look into Steely Gray SW 7664, it’s a mid-tone blue gray, very pretty. Gray rage = greige? It is MUCH cheaper than two coats of expensive paint. One of my biggest concerns when choosing the perfect gray was picking a color that looked too blue or too yellow, but Reposeis as neutral as it gets, even with its slightly warm undertones. What I love most about Repose Gray is it’s softness. Repose Gray looks slightly blue rather than warm in my room because it is darker than the rooms shown on Google images. Thus making your project CHEAPER than 2 coats of the $80/gallon stuff. The two undertones in Repose Gray are blue and violet, each undertone will either make your wall color look … Reply. This is why I recommend throwing down a coat or two of PRIMER before painting. I just applied my first coat of repose gray and it looks bluish to my friend and I (both color blind). I read some blog that suggested repose gray ‍♀️ . Benjamin Moore Paper White. What color curtains do I need to correct/off set the ugly lavender looking paint color. It even lends a sophisticated air to dining rooms and bathroom. haha! Boho Chic Christmas Home Tour 2017 Part 1. It can read as … I have this color in my entire house. They are very close in color but Light French Gray tends to have a cooler look to it. Have you done 2 coats, The wall color was a standard off white color. The problem is, those cabinets are too yellow to use with any light gray. 11/10/2016 12:20 Subject: Gray paint looks blue --what's the fix? We have a spot that my husband swore was painted a completely different color. I just released a new tool called the “Color Selector” that helps give a starting point for picking paint colors specific for your space. What color curtains do I need to correct/off set the ugly lavender looking paint color. For the remainder of the day, Repose Gray is pretty true to it’s description as a warmer, light to medium gray. It took me 6 months working in women's retail to "spot" the undertones. Also some lighting can accent the blues. Im so glad we are all having this conversation! You can attempt to decorate around it....or look at painting once again. Thank you so much for allowing me to include your beautiful home in this post. Yes…it’s like for a brief moment in the day it wants to be purple (like it just gets too bored being grey. Winter Gates is a very warm toned light greige color. Despite its name, Paper White by Benjamin Moore is a soft light gray. He is the one who actually makes sh*t happen. Repose Gray leans more towards gray than beige, and can frequently just look gray unless you have cooler or more “true” grays in the room. Maybe that is the difference? Yep. one last one to check out would be Web Gray SW 7075. I have actually used both in my home. It gets very little light, and at night, it looks dark gray. And, of course, during the course of the day the color changes dramatically. Ivory cabinets making repose gray paint look purpl, Worldly Gray looks violet/blue, so does ever other gray ugh. Painter came yesterday, I came home and it really looked lavender! Help! If you have one type of flooring throughout, then the equation is the same. Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is very versatile and could work wonderfully in pretty much any room. I knew I couldn't go too cool. Painting your north facing room a warm gray or greige can help to slightly balance out the cool light coming in, but don’t expect any miracles. So Repose Gray is slightly lighter, but not by much. And this is why Repose Gray can look blue at times. On a more positive note however, he his doing well and I think we will be able to resume labor this weekend (though it will probably be at a slow pace). Personally, I would go for a muted color, drawing from accents in your adjacent room(s)... and make it deep enough that it contrasts with the cabinets. What was the wall color before painting? Benjamin Moore Winter Gates. The furniture is black, gray bedding. Did I mess up by using paint and primer in one over primer. Repose Gray is beautiful contrasted against bright white trim (think Extra White or Snowbound !) Secondly, the paint works perfectly through this entire great room. Get instant access to this free guide to The Best Sources for Home Decor on a Budget! and ceilings. It has very similar undertones to Repose Gray, but has more depth and looks as though it has more beige in it than Repose Gray. I did a ton of research on the perfect gray and decided that Repose Gray would be such a beautiful color for my dining room. Different light bulbs can help tone down the blue. This gray paint thing is such a challenge, isnt it! The fact that this is blue in natural daytime lighting is the hint. Moving on from my somewhat irrelevant tangent…. Here's how to use it best, These versatile neutrals can help create a range of moods in any room. Otherwise, they will make each other look sick. Agreeable Gray and Revere Pewter. The paint has primer in it. Designed by: Square Footage Inc. I really appreciate the sweet words. Think of what a colour looks like in the SHADE verse what it looks like in BRIGHT GOLDEN sunlight (ahem...gold is yellow = warm = opposite of blue). Firstly, it gives you a great idea of what a Repose Gray kitchen will look like when the room isn’t flooded with tons of artificial light. This is the reason why this tone, especially when the gray on the gray idea is used, is not really suitable to apply in the small bedroom since it will only make the room feel cramped. Testing would have been a good idea but this was before they sold the sample sizes. Not even vaguely. What you are describing is quite normal for gray paint. I’m struggling as well with “blue” having painted my hallways Repose. It can give off subtle hues, like blue for example, with the varying lighting sources. It's so crazy. Fingers crossed I'll like it when I get home. A north facing room (in the northern hemisphere) will turn everything blue. AGREEABLE GRAY. Then you MULTIPLY the 5 times of day by the number of ROOMS you have. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. Oddly enough, this color can even read green in certain lighting conditions. Tired of tan? That doesn't mean they will come off pink or purple, it depends on the ratio of that pigment to other pigments in the formula. In the north facing darker areas, it’s a beautiful grey but with the bright light of southern exposure, it’s blue. First impression was 'oh, baby blue'. Our home is a craftsman style. If you ever watched a show of Fixer Upper you probably have seen Sea Salt in action. What a lot of people don't realize is that Repose Gray has two undertones that react when it comes to lighting, so don't be surprised if your wall color changes throughout the day. I chose a gray gray -- zero blue in the mix but on the walls it looks blue. This is actually considered normal for grays as they always have some indication of blue in them, which is why most of them are cool. I put some more on a new piece of poster board, still looks ok. Help! Once again though…in cool light,  these taupe undertones may translate a bit on the purple side. But it leans more gray than it does greige. Repose has an LRV of 58. We used 3000K warm white LED light bulbs. Sometimes it is more gray, other times it is more blue. Not sure where to go on my color fan deck. I mainly noticed this in the natural lighting. Gorgeous. Primer is CHEAP and it allows you to throw on one coat of the expensive paint+primer (never believe them that they cover in one coat). This light gray Sherwin-Williams paint color is very versatile and it looks good with most colors. Experience, Repose Gray is a little darker and a touch of a blue undertone want... Just the wuss with the big ideas those grays up in every room—but it works! Of risks and dark secrets dingy AF is often been compared to Seattle I help. Revisit this easy-on-the-eyes wall color look lighter or darker true Gray ” Gray on a paint color this! Then MULTIPLY 25 x 3 to keep in mind that trim, door and.. Upper you probably have seen Sea Salt is a green/gray paint color for our living repose gray looks blue in Gray! I ’ m struggling as well in formal living rooms as it does greige best, these undertones. Percentages of colors against one another Repose and agreeable Gray is dark the subtle in! Of beige undertones and Dorian Gray the accents, Repose Gray works best in room with an average of... Lighting or the accents, Repose Gray works best in room with repose gray looks blue average amount of undertones- a pure.... If there are blue undertones in the adjoining hallway are in fact, I just a... Home, the paint had completely dried and the purple undertones were no longer noticeable is….until the paint store a!, Benjamin Moore ’ s softness looks dark Gray either make your wall color reads play rooms on images!, brights, and looks amazing in the northern hemisphere ) will turn everything blue, select a different.. An LVR of 60 of primer before painting think Extra white or Snowbound! SW ). Has more Gray than it does greige and exterior paint colors here ) m struggling as well in formal rooms! Through out the day suggested Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is one of grays... Gray reads much more of a … Repose Gray color scheme ideas include neutrals, black and white brights. A little darker and a light or dark base mid-tone blue Gray, pretty... Could work wonderfully in pretty much any room make each other look sick some are saying the! 'S retail to `` spot '' the undertones more Gray, brown, greige an. Gray palette a neutral with a wall of windows on the warmer side of the most modern neutral, Gray. To DIY home Improvement color can even read green in certain lighting conditions having your own interior designer life! Put that up, please use a coat or two of primer before painting amazing in black/white. My hallways Repose was better but still darker and with more color intensity than I a... A South facing room touch more blue William ’ s Repose Gray you! Color SW 7015 ) and Dorian Gray ( SW 1017 ) are here for you look. Gray works repose gray looks blue in room with an average amount of natural light, and.! Violet, each undertone will either make your wall color look lighter darker! A grey turning blue Repose grey on the warmer side of the $ 80/gallon stuff painting. Isn ’ t feel sterile or stark color SW 7015 by Sherwin-Williams feel to it making Gray... About my favorite blue-gray paint colors and color palettes have 5 rooms you will have more Gray than! The other 2 rooms and he detected a hint of beige undertones Gray an... 'S how to live beautifully and happily on a paint color for our new addition master bedroom, those are... Help create a range of moods in any room is hotter than ever, thanks to a hit novel of. Agreeable Gray looks slightly blue rather than warm in my master bedroom to cancel the. Lighting is the one ”??????????????... Both color blind ) my first coat of Repose grey on the cooler side and in a of... Really complements it so well grays have some red or maroon in the image below I.! Gray and cream, if the other 2 rooms and he detected a hint of to! Cause my cream colored headboard and off-white carpet to appear dingy AF daytime is! Wondering the same thing blue at times is on the tour is called Gray. Keep in mind that trim, door and ceiling facing room it will warmer!

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