SSJ4 Goku & Vegeta vs Janemba (Part 2) Image. Posted by 6 days ago. There are also techniques he has been unable to replicate without absorption. Comment. Contrary to your statements, Janemba isnt ever shown serious for more than a second or two at a time. Using Movie Feats puts Janemba massively above Kid Buu. The young ogre is enveloped in the evil smog and is transforme… ... DBZ Tenkaichi 3 Janemba Vs Goku and Vegeta. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. @emperorthanos: when goku shot a kamehameha at janemba he created another gokumin his hand doing another kamehameha. You reached out to him and threw out a punch. The focus in “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” episode 25 is the fight between Dr. Wu and the team-up of Goku and Vegeta. Even saying its 10,000x galaxy put it massively over Kid Buu. Not only that, but goku can't teleport out of it by using IT. Being unpredictable does not render portals useless lol, especially when it grants him a fast enough attack rate to nearly blitz an SSJ3. @dudemanguy: Yeah I know. Vegito is far beyond Janemba. Saying Buu can absorb and contain someone who controls space on a multidimensional level is a guess. In that post is a scan of Goku already fighting Kid Buu in SSJ3 (so it takes place after your scan, mid fight) with both Vegeta and Goku admitting he can beat Kid Buu at full yea.The statement was never retracted...yours was. Kid Buu = Ssj3 Goku Alive, but Ssj3 runs through energy as fast as Golden Frieza so Goku eventually lost. All this does is further support my point, that Goku alone had the power to beat Kid Buu. 5. Goku and Vegeta vs Male Saiyan Reader (Part 3) Add to Favourites. 1 Favourite. Kid buu can't 1-shot SS2 level ? 1 comment. "Universal level reality warpers are unbeatable, as simple, by non reality warpers.". why don't tank like buu did? buu can destroy janemba, but janemba can't destroy buu. goku is not buu. However, he healed the light damage caused by a full power SSJ3 actively trying to kill him quickly without any inconvenience, and kid buu can't trump that because he's kid buu, not gogeta. Watch fullscreen. 4. Also, he's a teleporter, and uses it in combat VERY effectively. dragon ball Z - Movie 12 - The Rebirth of Fusion! The majin buu that fought Ssj3 Gotenks is as well. Kid Buu barely got any advantage in his fight against a less refined and powerful SSJ 3 Goku. just like super buu's regen was superior to fat buu's. Nice reaching, but those are not viable counters at all. yes he fucking said it. Buu would EVENTUALLY absorb him i think. Vegeta endured 1 minute beating, while kid buu was toying with him, gets a zenkai, endured another few seconds when goku is forming spirit bomb, that's it. SSJ3 Goku and Vegeta felt Goku could beat Kid Buu at full power, while Goku actively trying to kill janemba failed and was 3 shot. 3:48. They could probably fight Vegito. Janemba Curbstomped this as Super Janemba without trying. Still, the three were not enough, & spirit bomb was needed with earth, namek & otherworld, to destroy him, & goku also needed to get to his FP, nearly receiving a zenkai. new (suggested) level 1. … He + vegeta couldn't do much to kid buu, who was playing around. 82% Upvoted. Lol. That's pretty hard when the guy can just pixelate himself mid attack, which he loves to spam, so enveloping him is out. The fact that he easilly overpowered Kid Buu when wished to full power is proof enough that he is stronger. He also destroyed Majin Vegeta and Pikkon whom was op. Here's the comparison. That's why he needed the spirit bomb. Buu has been shown copying ki attacks, it's not a guess to say he can't copy a power he doesn't have. Pretty sure Buu can copy every power instantly, portals or not, he himself can create dimensional portals so he has experience with that type of move as well as his copy power. Come and join us in the 2020 Arcade Game of the Year Awards ! You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. So, he's not sure if he can beat him at current level, even after a zenkai moments ago (no matter how insignificant). He his much closer to janemba than you think. Goku And Vegeta! Deadpool: If anyone wonders something thats it, I will fight that Powerful Super Saiyans with my Awesome Mouth! 8 Nov 2008 95 077. So beerus is what level in that case? @alphapunk: Buu didn't trap Vegito, nor anyone who can reality warp multiple dimensions on a universal scale. 4. Vegeta was able to endure several minutes of abuse from him while Goku formed the spirit bomb. Based what we know from the Afterlife Arc and guides, that is over a universal distance away. Nov 19, 2015 - Explore Firefist Ace's board "Gogeta vs vegito" on Pinterest. Again, Goku never admits to anything of the sorts. meaning again kid buu was vastly underestimated and never took goku seriously. Rather than guessing at specifics, the simplest way to gauge their power is by looking at the opinions of those who fought them. "The only thing Foolish Here is your reckless heart which dares to challenge TheSuperBatman11. Goku and vegeta won't fuse. It's the versatility that makes his hax deadly. This is an amv of the Goku, Vegeta, Pikkon and Gogeta VS. Janemba Addeddate 2011-04-20 09:54:42 Ia_orig__runtime 3 minutes 12 seconds Goku only lost to a trick he didn't see coming , and that was a Posion needle. That Majin Buu lost Mystic Gohan who beats Ssj3 Gotenks easily, then absorbed Mystic Gohan and was fighting Against Vegito. SSJ4 Goku & Vegeta vs Janemba (Part 2) Image. Sort by. Fat Buu was, although just under. Later, in mid attack he nonchalantly heals a chest wound caused by Pikkon calling him names (his primary weakness, unfortunately kid buu can't rationalize or talk very well). He stomped Ssj3 Goku while casually slashing his sword. Fusion Reborn Goku was able to alter the lighting of hell, his and shook even the Elder Kai Planet by just powering up. It's a far cry to say it'd work on such a thing, as it was clearly established Buu's abilities have limits. But later, we see mr buu fighting closer than SS3 goku vs kid buu. I think Janemba would beat up on Buu i just don't think he is killable by someone that is relatively close to him, his regeneration is insane, he has shown he is very tricky with his absorbing though, i think Buu gets beat on a little until he absorbs Janemba, then they proceed to kill everyone else possibly giving Vegito a fight in SSJ2 form, if they get another pair. Saying Buu cannot copy his powers is a guess. Tweet Share on Facebook. Janenba's portals and teleporting make him hard to hit. So this starts off as a fight between Goku and Pikkon. Lol Good Buu isn't ssj3 level. Janemba >>>>> Ssj3 Goku Dead and Capable of Maintaining the form and when dead your strength is higher. Not to mention Janemba taking a convincing beatdown victory against SSJ 3 Goku. The voting ends on 31st of December, 2020. Goku vs Fat Janemba. Buu never faced someone who could warp without concentrating or rapidly tear through the fabric of space as a form of combat. He beat down a SS3 Goku that was way stronger then the SS3 Goku that fought on par with Kid Buu in the series. 4:24. Janemba sweeps. Kid Buu is far weaker and cannot teleport, any lasting damage he can cause will just heal. He had Vegeta's help to buy time. Beyond that, Buu actually has to catch him to even try to absorb him. The potara > dance. 5 years ago | 222 views. I can't think of anything else that needs to be said on that. Sign up. ". 1 Attack Dialogues 1.1 Special Moves 1.2 Super Attacks 1.3 Meteor Attacks 2 Match Dialogues 2.1 Sparking 2.2 Team Dialogues 2.3 Match Reset 2.4 Shenron 3 Miscellaneous Dialogues 3.1 Character Selection 3.2 Intro 3.3 Victory 3.4 Defeat 3.5 Results Screen 4 Navigation An asterisk (*) means there's two different lines associated with that character. Unlimited stamina and regeneration which has no equal. Add. Candy beam is nice, but I don't see it being much use against a shapeshifter. Futhermore, the Goku than Janemba battled was entirely serious. has he shown the ability to heal? As far as him being caught, Janemba doesn't need a shield to simply will himself to be somewhere else, which we know he can do. Their first attempt resulted in an embarrassingly weak fusion (known as Veku by South Kai and the fans) due to Supreme Kainoting Vegeta failing to extend his index finger properly in the final step of the dance after the failure. Part 1: The Build-up. I don't think he meant that they will make the users stronger, but it's more effective to use as you don't have to wait around to do a dance to perform the fusion and there's no time limit so you can fight in that form forever. Plus this is movie Goku who has better feats than anime. Or pixels. Fat Buu is basically a restricted base Super Buu. Now that this is established, we can move on. Buu cannot copy reality warping. It's very obvious that he is on another level. You don't just jump tiers like that. Also, kid buu doesn't fight like goku, who was attacking predictably. By that logic he'd multiply in power when he reabsorbs himself lmao). @apex_pretador: Goku was confident he could obliterate Kid Buu at full power in ssj3, something he could not do to Janemba, which was post-Buu, where he'd be even stronger. Along with being able to recreate 99% of Buu's hax abilities like his putty form, regen, multi form, and unlimited stamina, his hax extends to manipulate reality itself across an entire universe. That shows the intensity of the situation. What I recall is Vegeta asking Goku why he doesn't just finish him, and Goku responding that he can't because he's not at full power, and then they decide on the spirit bomb. report. As we know from the scan linked above, he's not stronger than a full power ssj3. In fact, noone is. Janemba takes. Fused Gogeta btw beats Super Buu as well. Kid Buu was juggling Vegeta with punches and kicks and he survived, one hit from Janemba knocked him back to base and scared him into fleeing. Log in. 3. He had to resort to begging Vegeta to fuse...and he actually said yes, which is a huge deal. -do you even read your posts first? Kid buu is very unpredictable, so the ability to teleport by creaing portals is useless. 1 Introduction 2 Deadpool 3 Goku and Vegeta 4 Introduction 5 Pre-Fight 6 Fight 7 Results Skyblazero: The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. There is no doubt Janemba is > Buu but i don't think it's that much, SSJ3 Goku did ok against Janemba until he used the sword, which would be useless vs Buu. They needed Fusion to beat Super Janemba, and that was with an attack that deletes all Evil. Goku vs Fat Janemba. share. Buu's body is much more different than any place, as potara defused in it, the potara which belongs to greatest gods in the universe, stop working. This is a AMW of the OAV #12 when Goku and Vegeta takes on Janemba. This is just untrue and completely ignorant. It been shown that Buu's regeneration and stamina is not unlimited. Dr. W vs. Goku and Vegeta battle in hell. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3! By JBKing11 Watch. Thankfully… I know Buu would copy all of his moves after one time so he would be able to teleport around, with that ability i see Buu absorbing him eventually, there powers aren't THAT far apart. @dudemanguy: Buu can only be killed if you destroy his entire ki, & literally atomize him, not leaving a single trace of him, otherwise, janemba is screwed up bad. The regular Majin Buu that fought Ssj3 Gotenks also sweeps Kid Buu. 6. SSJ3 Goku was still fodderized in 3 hits. In this timeline, there was no super buu / kid buu so he can't compare them. Vegetto > Gogeta. Go for it, but i suspect it's gonna take some serious mental gymnastics to avoid agreeing to that statement lol. Janemba's rw extends through two dimensions of an entire universe, these things are hardly comparable. @emperorthanos: janemba saw goku doing kamehameha for first time and copyed him. Universal level reality warpers are unbeatable, as simple, by non reality warpers. Not to mention he need the entire earth and z fighters to give him the energy. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. As he shown to be able to heal from insults, but not from gogeta, it indicates that he's still vulnerable to physical attacks, otherwise why bother dodging? I need to re watch the Janemba movie i am forgetting all of his abilities honestly. Where Kid Buu scales to DBZ Series Goku, Super Janemba gave Fusion Reborn Goku a fight. *Exhausted Goku=Kid Buu. 5 5. The only person who regained conscious was super vegitto, who was by far the strongest character in the series, with by far the maximum power advantage in the series (till BoG). Goku and Vegeta vs Super Janemba AMV. He's roughly equal to Super Buuhan, which is significantly more powerful than Kid Buu. Even considering this mid-Buu saga, I dont believe Goku recieved any significant buffs after fighting Vegeta. 9. The only thing that kept him alive is regen and that his stamina didn't go down. As far as catching Janemba, Gotenks couldn't pixelate himself at will or willingly open dimensional rifts, so he's not a good example to use. Says who? Damn I'm super late. This puts Fat Janemba > Kid Buu, because it took a full powered Ssj3 Goku to destroy him, or instead transform him. Saying that Buu's abilities have limits (the point of mentioning Vegito at all) and the fact he never absorbed a universal reality warper are not guesses. The odds are thoroughly one-sided. Buu's rw control extends through the area within his body, which even at pore-sizes can't be much bigger than a country. SSJ3 Goku is not below Kid Buu by any margin if he can vaporize him at full power. Goku lost to buu due to stamina and a touch of holding back. I am your nightmare your fear". It's very simple, idk why you're not understanding such an elementary concept. Lol you're talking like Buu is fast enough to absorb a duplicate that's literally appearing just to shoot one attack and disappear, or that Buu splitting his ki is a good idea at all. Topics Goku, Vegeta, Pikkon and Gogeta, VS., Janemba Goten Trunks Theateat Fusion Reborn. The evil forms around him to create a giant, yellow, and childlike being that turns Hell into his own paradise. Buu also doesnt speak, so he has no chance to exploit Janemba's weakness. In the end, we see goku says that he'll train so that he'll not lose vs buu. An entire universe, with stars and galaxies and two dimensions ....against Buu's body. It's obvious. Lol Janemba wasn't hurt any more than Buu. Assuming Buu can't transmute or absorb Janenba, this is a stalemate. 6. Gogeta > Janemba. In both cases, they had a strong support. Kid buu > fat buu, who 1-shotted SS2 level characters by goku's own admission. If Kid Buu fought Ssj3 Goku not dead, Goku could've beaten him, he even stated that he could at max power. @theracles: janemba can create another goku using spirit bomb cant he? he created a freaking sword that almost ripped SS3 goku's arm. He's very very unpredictable. Janemba healed from the damage caused by SSJ3 Goku by, similar to Buu, taking a putty form and reforming into Super Janemba. He is a demon of pure evil and great power. Yeah, but you'll probably hear people try to justify why Ssj Gogeta is equal to Super Vegito. This one was a bad arguement, no offense. Goku couldn't beat him in SSJ3 while in the same form he gave Kid Buu a great fight and even said he could possibly beat him. Jan 8, 2017 - Goku Vs Vegeta : This video introduces you to continue the battle between Goku and Vegeta's new, there is always fierce battles and vital. no it shows he thought he could but never was able to. Kid Buu isn't causing more damage at once than a full power SSJ3 could, so he has no way of causing lasting damage that Janemba can't recover from. 1/20. 1. Anyone reasonably stronger than an SSJ3 can overpower Super Janemba just fine, so long as he doesn't hax them to death (so many fights could be avoided when you can just drown your enemy in a jellybean of water lol). Lol. ~ From my VirusChris manga project. Simple as it seems, he would have hurt himself. See scans above, goku was going all out, esp when kid buu has already killed his friends & family. Share Video. So if Gogeta didn't have that attack, he wasn't beating Janemba. Janemba is not universe level in power, his rw hax is universal in scale. good buu tiring out is explicitly stated by vegeta to be the cause of two buus battling each other. If we consider Janemba at being relative to DBZ Series Goku and disregard the feats, Janemba was overcoming Goku, while Goku and Kid Buu were relative. These are seperate. Alternately, he can and in character would just open a rift and return it, then laugh. So, super janemba is slightly above SS3 goku of afterlife, who is slightly below SS3 goku at end of buu saga, who's below kid buu by a margin. Not to mention Janemba can use multiform as well, so idk why you'd even think that's an advantage. Goku vs Super Janemba. However, Janemba's hax is far superior to Buu's hax. Goku, Vegeta, Pikkon and Gogeta VS. Janemba AMV - Numb 720p by Theateat. its explicit. Library. Matt: And the Super Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta. All I needed was to prove it can be broken. Vegeta vs Super Janemba. Janemba. He is a demon of pure evil and great power created when a teenage ogre, also known as the Saike Demon, who was responsible for watching the spirit cleanser in Hell, exploded as a result of the ogre's carelessness. Goku and Vegeta vs Janemba Dragon Ball Z Movie - Fusion Reborn Enjoy Even with DBs, energy from earth, z fighters, etc, they needed full power of goku back to push SB. He has shown the ability to copy whatever he wants, to say otherwise goes against all the feats he has shown. They're very close in power, KB is low SSJ3 and Janemba is high SSJ3. Gotenks in ssj3(fusion won't run out) fights Super Buu. So let's begin. Goku is dead and fights kid buu in ssj3 so he won't run out. Seeing that vegitto was only one exponentially stronger than him, & still required a high energy barrier to not get absorbed while gohan & gotenks got absorbed while being > buu indicates that it is unlikely for janemba to not get absorbed, let alone escape him. 8(9). Buu cannot copy reality warping. Janemba continued his attack with a punch to Goku's chest, then sent Goku sliding across the ground by using both fist to knock him into the ground. Janemba's rw control extends through a universe. foto of *Gogeta Vs Janemba* for fans of dragon ball z. dedicated to all Dragonballz fans Why didn't he do it in movie? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. And even if he can, buu can also create duplicate buu, or absorb duplicate buu to become super buu. Veku/Gogeta vs Super Janemba. Plz see and rate it. If janemba is really universe level, where will you put SS gogeta? He can copy any ki technique (and possibly magic), but Janemba's abilities require powers Buu doesnt even have. There is a huge difference between one person soloing and two people needing to fuse. Old Kaioshin says the "effect is greater" when comparing the potara to the fusion dance. That Gogeta fusion > Vegito that lolstomped Super Buu who is more powerful than Kid Buu. He needed SB from all the earthlings, namekians , etc & still couldn't win while kid buu was. I don't think Buu could be taken over by Janemba, he is pretty evil himself and the gap in power isn't that big. Im having trouble seeing how Janemba's first reaction to the candy beam wouldn't be to simply reform, then laugh, then possibly make duplicate Buu to shoot one back, then laugh. And, kid buu can turn himself to liquid, or even vapour, & absorb him, or could turn him to candy. multiversal?". Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Immediately after the successful fusion of Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta is at Super Saiyan as both halves (Goku and Vegeta) had previously mastered the transformation. For Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Janemba > SSJ Gogeta". His later statement was in reference to Hercule and Mr Buu's participation in the Genki Dama's success. The only way he could beat an SSJ3 was by outlasting him, so he's not outpacing a guy who can outpace that. This tells us that Janemba should be more powerful, and that he is willing to be consistently dangerous compared to Buu who goofs around. 2. janemba cant weaponise his "reality warping" to take him down, and nothing else hes shown can, Not true. Both fighters can copy abilities and have havoc ways of fighting with their unique movepools. The Good half is the Mr. Buu you are talking about, who is weaker than Fat Buu. @emperorthanos: are you talking about janemba against buu,becajse i thought you were saying if goku hit janemba with a spirit bomb he wouldnt be able to copy it,of course janemba is not able to do something he never saw. Even SS3 goku managed to land a few hits on him. The only reason he didn't destroy him, as he said, is because he wasn't at full power to begin with. Location: Namek Conditions:Gohan fights janeba. Whatever his mood is, Buu can't even get this far to begin with. Dragonball Z Goku & Vegeta VS Janemba Full Fight (German) Part 2. SSJ3 Goku and Vegeta felt Goku could beat Kid Buu at full power, while Goku actively trying to kill janemba failed and was 3 shot. He has no showings of stopping a reality warper from opening a portal in SPACE and bouncing out, especially one that can effect SPACE across multiple dimensions in an entire universe. And Mr. Buu>>>>>>>>>>> Kid Buu no contest. It's insulting, that youre trying to tell me a guy who can only do one specific thing one specific way on a spectacularly smaller scale is somehow greater than a guy who can do nearly anything he wants to an entire universe lol. Goku lost to Janemba due to Janemba having deadly abilities are damaged Goku fast enough. his regen is noticably slower and less efficient than kid buu's. Janemba is a REALITY WARPER. Both are incarnations of pure evil, I doubt they'd have any influence over the other. But we dont need to. Janemba was NOT post kid buu. By your logic he can copy Whis's time manip, or a Devil Fruit (other than Gum Gum, obviously lol). He can't create a duplicate buu, he only did in case of attacks of gok. VIRUS SOUL!!!" Art Animation Comedy Cool Commercials Cooking ... Goku and Vegeta(gogeta Vs. Janemba) binixx Subscribe Unsubscribe 3. Goku and Vegeta vs Super Janemba. He can copy any ki technique (and possibly magic), but Janemba's abilities require powers Buu doesnt even have. This puts Super Buu over 8 times stronge than Ssj3 Goku who said he could destroy Kid Buu at max power. If Buu isn't a reality warper, he cannot copy a reality warping technique (yelling isn't rw, although it did have one, specific, low tier rw effect). Close. However, as far as utilizing the power he does have, the support such hax provides has no betters (in DBZ). I thought that Potara fusion gives a larger multiplier in power than the fusion dance. Mr buu actually put a better fight than both them combined. I have the DBZ manga where Elder Kai says 'they're better' than the Fusion Dance when handing over the earrings to Goku. hide. Technically, being post-Buu and since the evil within Buu was removed in death/rebirth, it's possible Janemba is in part composed of Buu's evil already. Janemba won't be able to predict his location, so the ability to teleport himself is useless here. Then he lost dominance and split. In the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, both Goku and Vegeta find themselves outmatched by the monster Janemba and agreed to fuse to gain an upper hand, despite Vegeta refusing at first. Buu is hardly a matter manipulator, the only matter manip he has is a magic beam. 7. Unlike Goku, Buu can shrug off getting cut up and blasted to pieces. I don't need to prove Janemba is as strong as Vegito in order to break Buu's absorption. Restrictions: Super Buu or Kid buu won't try to absorb anyone. I never once said Buu can't 1 shot an SSJ2, but there is a clear difference between taking hundreds of blows and still fighting and being one-shot and running. Compare that to Buu's relentless barrages with only occasional pauses while distracted and it's pretty clear who tried harder. Therefore, Vegetto > Janemba. @apex_pretador: how exacly can buu destroy janemba? 5 Comments. Still, with a lot of distraction from vegeta's part, Mr buu getting a lot of help, kid buu playing around, he couldn't win. Who will win? Vegeta and Goku super saiyajin 3 vs Janemba. Goku And Vegeta! Goku = Kid buu but he knew he would tire, he had to use the spirit bomb, don't think Janemba has any "good" ki moves like that. Candy Beam won't help against something that can reform itself like putty. A Merc With A Mouth vs Two Super Saiyans. Just think about that for a minute. Had vegeta run away, it would mean kid buu will focus on goku, & they all lose their last hope, & vegeta isn't the "run away" type of guy, no matter what. Goku and Vegeta fuse to form Gogeta against Janemba! what, was goku just going to sit back and let kid buu kill everyone? You could say, one doesn't simply "trap" a free-teleporting, state-altering reality warper. Janemba (ジャネンバ, Janenba) is the main antagonist in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and he appears in several other Dragon Ballmedia. Can you show me Goku retracting his statement that he can beat Kid Buu at full power? The entire fight was him toying with his opponents, a prime example being catching base Goku in the jelly bean and intentionally cutting around him. Kid Buu is weak, but he's the most evil that's the only reason why he was a threat. Vegeta spread his legs apart and stood in his battle stance ready for the battle to commend. Just because Vegito protected himself doesn't mean Janemba is immune, that would be a guess. Kid Buu beat an Ssj3 Goku that wasn't dead, instead ssj3 Goku when not dead isn't as strong as when he is. You glared at Vegeta and powered up again and dashed forward to him. Can he regenerate? And remember the fact that Goku and vegeta lost to janemba , while vegeta kicked frosts ass. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I cant post scans myself. Both can feel pain, both can regen. nemba takes. Lol. Directory: Characters → Villains → Video game villains Janemba's Majin Vegeta is a clone of Vegeta created by Janemba out of his evil energy in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai. Mr. Satan was liked by Fat Buu, Majin Buu that fought ssj3 Gotenks and Super Buu liked Mr. Satan where as Kid Buu didn't. Goku said that "he'll have to go all out to EVEN stand a chance" He says he could easily beat fat buu. Although they are made in the very same way, Gogeta has personality traits that are different from Vegito, though it is impossible to tell which counterparts' personality is the dominant one. That's retarded. You are forgetting that kid buu wasn't hurt by physical attacks, janemba was. Buu + Janemba fusion would be scary, that much evil would probably boost Buus power more then just adding Janembas power. I'm not saying they're very far at all. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Further, wasn't it already stated that Vegito is stronger than Gogeta? SS3 + SS2 + Pikkon (SS2 level at max) lose to janemba (need fusion) while SS3 + SS2 + Mr buu (SS3 level, or very close) lose to kid buu. N'T think of anything else that needs to be the cause of two buus battling other... Hax is far superior to Buu, he even stated that he easilly kid! Gogeta did n't destroy Buu Goku who goku and vegeta vs janemba part 3 better feats than Anime absorb anyone Janemba i. Statement was in reference to Hercule and mr Buu 's regeneration and stamina is not a high level enough beat... Combat very effectively incarnations of pure evil, i doubt they 'd have any influence over the to! Vegeta could n't do it as he was wrong... so Buu ca trap!, because it took a full power of Goku back to push SB good half is the Mr.

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