So I came back home open to other options, and started surfing Craigslist only to find a like new OT Pack. I have been canoeing for 50 years and have been in several dozen brands and styles of canoes. I love this canoe. I use my adjustable kayak paddle (BB Glide) set at 240cm. I was completely surprised by the initial stability of this craft. It's stable even with my 68lb. Review. Lesson learned - rotating hips and buns off center on the stock seat disrupts center of gravity. I need to get rid of a couple of boats but the Pack will not be one of them. I like to tinker, so I drew up a plan for a new front thwart/foot brace/rod holder/tackle shelf/bungee deck. Everything is more fun with them...even when they jump off or tip the canoe to chase cows that are bathing in the River. The Pack 12 is very tippy and tracks poorly. Otherwise I am most comfortable with my legs crossed in front of me. Read Pack reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Also, after using a sit ontop kayak for a few years, she wanted to stay dry. I have recently added a Reflection Dagger 15 to the stable, and I'm going to rig it for a Summer 2013 solo run of the length of the Missouri River as it flows through the state of Missouri, some 550 miles. kayak paddle and my dog and I have been going out each weekend. Found I lost some speed in the change from 3.25mph to 2.5. Retrait sur place sur rendez vous, contactez-nous au 06 30 15 84 40 > Mon compte. Other boats exist but are not easy to find. I can clearly see where a double bladed paddle would be handy for covering a lot of water but for now I am going to buy a nice wooden 54" paddle and enjoy it for what it is. Well, it is a canoe and not a John boat, but I have to say for a canoe of its dimensions it ain't too bad. I would recommend this canoe to someone looking for ease of use for mild rivers. This canoe is built using royalex, a light-weight material just as durable as poly products, though it will show marks if you hit a rock hard enough. Because of their skin-on-frame construction, PakCanoes flex and work with the waves in a way that hardshell canoes can’t. I either kneel with my butt against the seat and use a single blade paddle, or sit on a pad on the bottom of the canoe and use a double-bladed paddle. Some harsh and unwarranted reviews on here against the Pack. Its best use is for fishing, paddling streams and small ponds/lakes. Since I prefer the single paddle over the double, this won't be an issue as I only got the yak paddle for wind emergencies. Seat lowered and stirrups added creating a custom fit solo canoe Now it's just Lab's spot - she hangs out on a rubber suction cup shower mat, so she can get traction to pace and jump. The Pack easily accepts my mods, foam pads on the bottom to protect the hull and keep the dog happy. This boat is most stable with a pack placed under the front thwart and with knees placed on the bottom of the canoe. It is perfect. My Pack once spent a couple of years continuously on the top of my truck with no apparent adverse effects. I even modified it by lowering the seat one a half inches which helped some but puts you in a more uncomfortable seating position. Initially I was concerned about elbows hitting on the gunwales, but this is not a problem - nice surprise. I can't tell you how nice it is to throw the Pack up on my shoulder and portage it - I think it weighs less than most of my paddling friends' kayaks. It's a great little canoe as long as you don't push it with a single blade. For reference, I'm 6' and heavy at 265, 10.5 shoe. I've done this in my kayaks (folders) but the Pack needs some additional prep. With the stock seat location, the average paddler will find the bow much too high resulting in a ‘tippy’ and poorly tracking canoe. The size and weight makes transporting/portaging easy. I wanted to update a review I made back in 2006 [01-18-2006] regarding the Old Town Pack canoe. Hooking up a trolling motor to this boat seems terrible...but man!, is it ever fast and even with a 20 year old 30lb thrust runs all day with so much speed. Buy an Ultralight, not an Old Town Pack! The Pack dropped maybe an inch with all that extra weight but once we got it trimmed, all went well and we got the stranded fisherman to the marina safely. I've done over 40 day trips in it on rivers and maybe only 3 on lakes and really have to say I've more than got my money's use of it. At 33 lbs I can carry it to the lake with one hand. The first Old Town canoe was built in Old Town, Maine, along the Penobscot River. I responded to an ad in a local paper and inspected a Pack, with no knowledge of this model. I am still learning how to be more efficient paddling. Top Solo Canoes Under Review. Solo canoes are one-person version of tandem boats, with a bench seat that puts the paddler high up, close to the gunwale. Before my float today on the Missouri river I read the reviews here and found them extremely helpful. Again, the more I use this boat, the more I love it! Went on to a 14' Blackhawk which is a great canoe. I purchased the Pack rather than a kayak because my dog hates to stay home. I found the Pack is just what the doctor ordered for the price. We then bought a 42# Ultralight Wenonah. I lowered the seat 3" with longer SS bolts and hardwood spacers. It's light to portage and get on and off the roof of a sedan with foam blocks at a light weight of about 35lbs. It does alot better when loaded, but I still need a correction before and after the power stroke. One of the worst days of my life was the day I sold my Pack. The canoe will absorb severe impact and usually slide over or by rocks with no damage where fiberglass, kevlar, or aluminum canoes crack or get hung up. Paddling with a canoe paddle is a breeze due to the keel, which aids in tracking, but I prefer a 230 cm kayak paddle. It feels tippy but never gave me any real concern. The seat makes it were Im comfortable all day. History of Pack Canoes. So we bought Spring Creek ethafoam floats. I never bought a kayaking paddle or double ended canoe paddle; I just use my Bending Branches canoe paddle with a J or C stroke. When we reached the put-in, the Pack was nowhere to be seen. It paddles easily with my 260 cm kayak paddle. C’est l’une des marques pionnières dans l’univers du canoë kayak.. Vous pouvez trouver un kayak à vendre à peu près n'importe où ces jours-ci. As time marched on I realized the selling of the Pack was a BIG MISTAKE! Paddling This is my 2nd year with my Pack. We were experienced lake and river canoers, all kinds of water, difficulties. The Old Town Canoe Company has been making quality canoes and kayaks for more than a century, building a reputation as one of the foremost leaders of the canoe and kayak industry. This will never be a boat where one stands up and admires the view, but once under way the tipsiness experienced while sitting still smooths out for a stable, smooth ride. I was lucky to find a tan one. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. I sold it about 10 years ago. Legend has it that pack canoes originate in the late 1800s in the Adirondacks of NY. It easily handled the currents and conditions of a major river, and some extreme barge wakes, while loaded in this capacity. This canoe is not sexy or impressive to look at, it is just fun to paddle and lightweight. Trustpilot. Using the Solo-C stroke it goes straight and as fast as I need. Have had my Pack since 2007 - I knew to lower the seat and did so immediately with some copper tubing and longer bolts and nuts from Lowe's. In October 2010 I repeated the 340 mile float from St. Joe to Hermann, MO in just 5 days. Solid canoe. The Pack is a great canoe for my purposes, but mine was already pretty well used when I got it, and I'd like to find one in better shape to replace it. No reason to duplicate all the kudos - maneuverable, light... it's a joy. The Pack canoe is truly the best and most enjoyable purchase I have ever made. I recently purchased an Old Town Pack Canoe. After one dumping in a cold lake trying to stand up, I lowered the seats with some wood spacers from Old Town and the stability was improved greatly. It's a very maneuverable boat. My paddle was throwing a little too much water on board, so I picked up a Bending Branches Slice 280, the boat now stays nice and dry and no shaft knock on the gunwales even at a fairly relaxed angle. I recently purchased an Old Town Pack after reading the reviews on this site. My 12 YO daughter loved padding it. Being able to "lock yourself in" with the footpegs makes all the difference in the world, and with the centered and lowered seat, the Pack feel like an entirely different canoe from what I originally bought. The canoe's V-entry hull with keel is an easy paddling design that even a novice can handle. Without the flotation bags I can carry enough for a seven day trip with no problem. Basically I wanted a pack canoe that didn’t break the bank. I've had and sold off some of the best ideas the SOT world has come up with...I kept coming back to the OT PACK - now I don't even and my Pack canoe are a perfect match. Yes, it hurt to drill holes through a new canoe for this, but I made sure these were all well above waterline, and siliconed the bolts for good measure. This boat gets used several times a week! I've only had it out 5 times now for a couple of hours at a time, ...and only in fairly calm water, but I love it. At 12', it's a little small to fit a standard commercial canoe trailer. dog in the front. It has bought back the spontaneity to canoeing that I missed. Great boat with, but must have a kayak paddle. Admittedly, the Pack is not for everyone, but it fits well in my stable alongside my Camper 15' tandem. D iscover some of the best canoes of the year from Nova Craft, Sea Eagle, Old Town, Swift, Mad River and Wenonah. It makes for a quiet and secure ride. OT likely located the seat to allow kneelers to be more weight-centered in the boat. Maneuverability is very good. I use a 260cm kayak paddle that suits me well. Today was the first time on the water, and after a short time getting used to a rhythmic j-stroke, she performed well. Packing was simple, toss my gear into two waterproof duffles, toss one in the bow and the other in the stern. Both front and rear of my canoe have dents now but it's still working fine. About stability, I have never considered leaving the seat in its original position. Not good in heavy wind/waves, but I didn't expect it to be. Have never tried it on a river--afraid to attempt any whitewater in such a small, open boat until I read some of these other positive reviews--maybe with extra flotation bags. I throw it on the car before work in the morning, lock it up with a bike lock near the trail that runs beside the river, park the car, go for a quick 3 mile jog, then canoe a few more miles back to the car. The Pack fits well in the back of a pickup, as well. Grumman 12’ 9” Solo. Old Town Canoe Pack Angler Seat & Back Rest Kit Brand: Old Town Canoce. This boat is made of royalex, but still only weighs 33lbs! I bought mine through the outfitting co-op to which I belong at Old Town's MSRP. It is a great boat patterened after the "Little Nessie" of solo paddling fame. "I saw that boat go flying," the man said. So I zipped across town made an offer ($500) and bought the little Pack, that still wore factory stickers and the clear plastic on the emblem! Early this year I added the BB 260cm double bladed canoe paddle to my kit. This is my first canoe or any paddle sport product. It's super light, tracks a lil crazy and is "spirited" in stability. A 350 pound weight limit is more than enough capacity for any back-country canoe trip lasting 7-10 days. and in tough Royalex. No complaints at all, and I wish there was an 11 I could give it. But I love this canoe for its ease of loading/unloading from atop a vehicle, lightness, carrying capacity for my gear and simplicity. For finesse... not so much, but for what I use it for, the ease of handling, the gear hauling capability, the stability of the platform for various activities, this little gem can not be beat. This boat does not track well empty. Old Town Pack. As someone who had primarily paddled Clipper fiberglass canoes with rigid hulls, and felt that was what I preferred, I was reluctant about buying the Pack. Like others, I found that it likes to be packed full of camping gear--tracks better, sits lower in the water for better handling with wind, and is more stable. I do see some stress marks at the joints, so I think it may not hold up under this off-label use, but so far so good! I also can't believe how FAST this canoe paddles (with a double blade) compared to the SOT kayaks...I can paddle all day with my buddies in the SOT's and usually have to slow for them. I've done lots of creeking with it. When my kids were younger, we sawed the legs off a plastic lawn chair and put them in the bow. Too cramped, no gear or rod holders and lots of lower back pain. Now my Pack is my only boat, it's great for anything I want to do on the water. I did not lower the seat but I made an Adirondack style seat back that folds down for storage/transport. Traditional Seat vs. Kayak Style Seat One of my concerns about going with a solo canoe over a pack boat is the fact that I am unable to kneel. I was initially drawn to the Pack model canoe because of its light weight (like most other people) but have since then been very impressed by other traits as well. Despite its low weight, I do not enjoy portaging this canoe while canoe tripping. With the double blade it is easy to keep tracking straight and at a good pace. Couple that with 32” width, and the Pack Angler can go just about anywhere, needing only 4 inches of water to float through. The Pack is my first canoe, but I've been a river rat (rafting) for many years. I have a Penobscot 17 that my wife and I use, now there's a canoe that is steady and tracks like a dream. Attention quant même mes pagaies sont des 2.20. But thanks to reviews here I bought a long kayak paddle (I have a Wave from Cannon) and it makes paddling the Pack a joy. I can put this canoe on my car and then carry down the path to the shore all by myself, which is why I bought it! I recently purchased a used Old Town Pack canoe after having looked for one for quite a while. A year later I got the Old Town Pack and no regrets, it's a joy to move around. I was SHOCKED at the 'end of Royalex' - I need to get another OT Pack as a backup for the next 30 years...the Guide is only 10 pounds heavier...but it doesn't paddle exactly like the Pack. So glad I didn’t bite on the last few new Packs in Waterport at $400 over list! Although I've never dumped it, it is a constant worry. The weight is what drew me towards it, but it is more than the weight. The little creek near home is extremely rocky and shallow with many obstructions like fallen trees. It is very stable and I don't understand those who think it should feel like a raft. Stay away from this one if safety matters to you. For my touring load I use several Seal Line drybags and duffle and a Pelican hard case for my pantry. barge I've been using for the past umpteen years. So if you’re looking for a lightweight lake or class I-II river canoe, learn from our mistake. It is very difficult to place a yoke- and in the case of the Pack canoe it must be a clamp on yoke- on center and still find enough room to fit ones pack and head on either side of it up in the canoe. I would recommend this canoe to anyone with reasonable solo experience, or those with good tandem experience and a mentor. One of the reasons I went from a kayak back to a canoe was so I would have a choice in either sitting or kneeling. Would recommend to anyone but try it out first to see if you like it. It made a believer of the canoe livery owner, as he just kept shaking his head in relief at the sight. Super light canoe maiden voyage. Shouldered the boat with fishing rod inside and carried about 150 yards to the pond. B ehind my house, a weed-choked ditch leads to an overgrown canal dumping into a small bass pond. I have owned two Old Town Pack canoes. I got it a couple of months back and have used it for duck hunting and fishing. I plan on doing some white water this summer with it. I rigged up an anchor trolley I can add, plastic crate for fishing stuff if that's the days activity, and when my wife just wants to go for a paddle, she sits up in the bow area on a short legged folding chair I bought for turkey hunting. I guess I will have to look around some… Maine is mostly Old Town Country- Hard to find much else. It is incredibly light. I wanted to write something here because this site was so useful when I was trying to decide whether to buy a Pack. I have never had the slightest stability problem. I am a big guy 6'2" and never felt crowded. This is the lowest new boat price around. Also don't expect it to handle any serious type II rapids unless you like being swamped!! I weigh around 280# and I NEED to lower the seat! My duties as a single father, to a daughter born April 5, 2011, have also kept me off the water somewhat. I fit 5 interlocking foam (dance) pads on the bottom to keep my dog and my knees happy and used those pads between my tent and the rocky ground so was very comfortable. Well, it has been a year with my Pack and about that much time since my first post. Extremely stable. You cannot find a Royalex canoe on the market today that will carry this much weight and still weigh so little. I am sure that stability and trim will be improved when I pack it with a weeks worth of gear for an extended float trip, which I cannot wait to do in this gem of a canoe. Last year I took her into the middle of a large lake and felt totally at ease after not being in a boat of ANY kind for over 4 years. Canoë Discovery 119, Compact et léger. Still have the same OT Pack - still think it's the greatest boat - price to value to usefullness I have ever had the joy to paddle. That didn’t help tracking much and the shafts hit the gunnels and dripped into the boat. I fish frequently from my Pack canoe, spending many hours on the water without issue. I wanted a canoe easy to move around dangerous rapids and easy to get on top of my Cherokee. As with my other boats, I lowered the seat 2" - not sure I won't raise it back up. Plenty of room for 2-3 passengers, poles, tackle, cooler, etc. Slapped on some pink duct tape it was good to go! No damage, and our float began as if nothing whatsoever had happened. It's a breeze to load onto my 4dr jeep by myself, I walked it into the woods about a 12 minute trip, stopping in between to switch shoulders. Sweet for getting into back swamps for bass and pike fishing. Cette ville est depuis des siècles la demeure ancestrale de la tribu des Penobscot et tire son nom comme une reconnaissance de ce fier héritage. I have paddled from Rosman to as far as The Wedge in Asheville...always with my dogs aboard and once with my sister even though they say its a 1 person canoe you can have 2 smaller people plus dogs in it if the 2nd person willing to sit on floor in the front. Great in sheltered water. I'm 6'5" and 220 lbs. I decided on this boat because of the reviews here and the kind of creeks and rivers here. If your a seasoned canoe/kayaker this boat flies with a yak paddle. Et si votre canoe était doté d'un fond arrondi couplé à une étrave fine et travaillée ? Amazing strength and durability for such a light canoe. First of all, I knew to drop the seat a few inches for stability. It takes a while to learn the dressage of moving about or changing positions, but with a bit of perseverance this is accomplished. I got it for my 13th birthday and still paddle it year around. I had a pack canoe. I've encountered a fair amount of fallen trunks and rocks hidden just under the water and the RX materiel seems to bounce right back if you don't mind a few scratches. The Canoe at 33lbs replaced my 54lb Kayak. I did add the folding back padded canoe seat I bought in Ely and during those long river pools or quiet lake days when I get tired of kneeling it sure makes life nice. Canoe Review: Old Town Next Borrowing from the pack canoe tradition, the Old Town’s new NEXT injects twenty-first century flair, with modern tech, spiffy color options and an ultra-comfortable kayak-style seat, into an enduring design. It has several signs of use but not really much abuse at all. It's 14kg of freedom - the Pack goes where other canoes can't. A flexing hull (oil-canning) allows it to slide over rocks and logs and not get hung up. The awful plastic gunnels and trim puts it one step above a Coleman (the constant creaking would scare away the fish!). This is very close to where the seats on my other solo canoes (Moccasin, Serenade, Ladybug) are set for my size paddler to get optimum trim when unloaded, except for me! I use a kayak paddle for covering large distances but sometimes when at a good fishing spot I also use a short paddle for maneuvering. This a fabulous boat. With a double blade, it easily handles wind and gets up to a good cruising speed very quickly. I have had my Pack for 7 years and have taken over 100 trips. You should take the Pack out on your favorite pond or lake and learn it's limits. After having used it a couple of times, I think I love it. But the canoe paddles well, tracks well and at 12' turns well. A few weeks ago I set out from St Joe, Missouri in my trusty Pack. The new thwart came out great and only added 5#. I kept it one season, and feel it has a place, but not for me. Features molded polyethylene decks with grab handles, ash thwart and ash-framed cane seat. I give it a 10 because it's exactly what I wanted: low-cost, lightweight, tough. I know Old Town makes a PACK model. On open water, it does great if you put some weight in the front. Any suggestions or modifications to carry overhead like a normal canoe? I plan to use this canoe for fishing, duck hunting and perhaps deer hunting in the Boundary Waters this Fall. Once you get used to getting in and out of it and determine where to put your feet, it's just like any larger canoe. Just stretching my legs out in front of me alleviates most of the tippy feeling. All considered, I think this is one of the great canoes ever made, and one that gets a lot less publicity than it deserves. Adresse email : Mot de passe : > Créer un compte J'ai oublié mon mot de passe. My first attempt to enter it found me sitting in the water beside my swamped canoe, but then again I am used to rafts. I was given this canoe by my uncle. It is amazing what you can pack in a canoe over a kayak. Long story short: It can be done calmly, but it gets cramped after a while and I personally will be buying a second canoe eventually for when I go canoeing with a friend. I couldn't be happier with the Pack. That position and the short, 12 ft. length are insurance against high winds, which are pretty standard in the Oregon Cascades. 33 POUNDS what a dream. I find it to be stable while kneeling (yes, my size 14's fit under the seat, although it's tight), and a little less stable when sitting. At 33 lbs. I am a woman in her 60's, 5'4", and strong, but no Amazon. I use a backrest and have the seat lowered 2 inches. Finally snatched out of the local classifieds for $450, hardly used. Parlons un peu de la bête. De longues traversées avec le Canoe Charles River 15 vous attendent. You power it with a traditional, single-blade canoe paddle. For reference, I'm 6'3, and 250lbs. 12`0L, 32W, and 11.5 deep. Découvrez les Canoës / Kayak Old Town . For double paddling, I have one of those camp chairs or stadium seats with a seat and attached back and sit on the bottom propped against the rear thwart which puts the center of weight in the same fore and aft position as the seat only much lower. There are two types of Pakboats folding kayaks … the Puffins and the Quest. On another trip had a small 8-9 lb tarpon jump right into the canoe and had to wait for it to tire before I could throw him back. Tracking is within reason with good technique. Kayaks are always getting stuck but I just "hop" off the rocks and keep on going. There is no "secondary stability," whereby one might save himself from getting wet by quickly righting the canoe--it the gunwale is at the surface of the water, there's no stopping it from going over. As currently configured, my OT Pack would rate a 10/10, but as supplied, it has some issues, and I gave it a 7 out of 10. History of Pack Canoes. I am a 62 year old man and I weigh 262 pounds. When using to get across the river with my friend it is loaded with both of use and the decoys and the dog just swims along. Pack CanoeSelling my 33 Pound / Old Town Pack Canoe PackageSelling ONLY as a package2- Excellent paddles, life jacket, fishing crateMy Old Town Pack Canoe is made of extremely durable and tough Royalex ®which is why the canoe … When solo I take a bag of decoys and dog (90lbs) and just move along with no problem. The minimalist seat gets a lil hard on the rump after a couple hours so I may do some tweaking here. Grumman 12’ 9” Solo; Wenonah Argosy Tuf-Weave Solo; Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Old Town NEXT solo Wooden Boat USA Old Modern 16; Table of Contents. Being older and wanting to solo and portage I bought the lightweight and small PACK canoe. I have switched to a canoe paddle. Right? I love kayaking and had never really canoed before this boat but the ability to include my big dogs with me was the main reason I went with the canoe. It holds all my gear for camping and is a great platform for flyfishing. I just got back from a week long trip in the NY Adirondacks with the Pack. I would rather kneel in the canoe but the standard seat placement made that difficult, as it wasn't easy to jam my feet under the seat so lowering the seat that amount seems to work well for me. In the latter half of the 20th century, the company adopted more modern materials to maintain competitiveness. Don't know how that is possible but he seemed like an honest man. But the Pack does perfectly what it was designed to do, be a solo, easily transported and paddled canoe at a great price. You will enjoy this versatile craft, but there are some drawbacks. I hate the seat also. Contact. Went and picked it up from the local REI the other day and after getting it licensed and legal I headed to the lake. The PACK will tip easily and overturn without much warning. Oh, and about the "tippiness" - it's a solo boat so it's more narrow. Due to my bad knees, I am a sitter, and unfortunately there is no seat adjustment or "sitter" model that you can buy to fix this. Being as this is the only canoe I've ever owned, I don't have any complaints about the tracking. A split, hollow core swimming noodle or neoprene pipe insulation would also work. For our first pick, we went with the Discover 119 single person canoe for various reasons. Absolutely no complaints. It is not my first canoe but it has been my favorite. And, the price is 1/3 the cost of a Hornbeck boat. Overnighting aboard is next for my Pack. In the spring I run a few class 2&3 rivers and manage to pry my cheeks apart after the day is over and the pack is doing fine. Old Town Canoe Company is a historic maker of canoes in Old Town, Maine. I'm an experienced paddler and canoe is a pleasure to paddle. Very squirrely with my weight up high. As did most of you, I lowered the seat and paddle kneeling most of the time. That and so many great paddling days that I could not find a paddling partner. Of course there are better boats in the wind but what do you expect from a little 12' boat with minimal keel? It was only 2-3 inches from the waterline to the gunnel but we made it. Maiden voyage at local creek, paddled great with long single paddle. Typically I paddle on slow moving rivers. I added the Old Town padded yoke, which makes portaging in the Boundary Waters a piece of cake. The little Pack turns easily in the current even for ignorant fools like me. We have been building adventure since 1898. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 158 Recreational Canoe A rugged canoe that doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but is built to provide years of fun on the water. all FREE! It is more stable than in stock config. We dismissed reviews that said the Pack was tippy and tracked poorly. Is it tippy? and find this canoe to be very unstable. I also use the seat as a work surface. On flat water it goes about 4km./Hr. I have been looking all over for something to get into those tight, off the beaten path places to fish and I've finally found what I've been looking for. Then it will be off to the sewing machine to make about the equivalent of a bivy rainfly. We moved slow and steady and navigated with little trouble in the wind and rain. Canoe Shop est aussi présent physiquement avec un magasin de vente installé à Dives-sur-Mer en Normandie. Despite the load range recommendations, I would never exceed 350 pounds in this canoe. I am a beginner and find it to be rather forgiving compared to the Guide 147, which I tried first. So I bought a seat drop kit (best price I found was $9.99 + s/h at and lowered the seat by 2 inches (note of warning – most seat kits have 4-inch dowels, but you will need to cut them down to 3-1/2 inches to fit the Pack). After reading reviews at this site and negotiating the price for a barely used boat to $260, I purchased it. First, you need to determine what features matter most to you, how much you want to spend, and what type of canoeing you plan to do (river touring, recreational paddling, etc). It fits nicely on my ATV and allows me access to those remote lakes. Rating: The Pack Canoe gets a 4 out of 5. I fashioned a kayak paddle by joining 2 spare raft oars with a coupler, and was very impressed with the improved speed and tracking. But I can tell you the guy I sold it to was all smiles as he paddled up river. Great little vessel. 2014 manufactured kevlar solo canoe She won't be my "daily driver," or the one I take on trips, but on the days I just want a slow paddle - she fits the bill. The canoe's V-entry hull with keel is an easy paddling design that even a novice can handle. 'S short length but it does turn well, despite the annual trips. Outer Royalex layer J stoke and precious forward momentum is lost n't know if that has... New places in my first true solo canoe I chose the Pack has been designed for flat water touring is. To daily abuse it goes straight and at 12 ' 0 '' Width 32 '', capacity 180kg, and. An outrageously cheap price and I am a canoe paddle kayak-style seat set deeper inside.! Bean wind, the Pack canoe a few minutes to get some of which loved... At an outrageously cheap price and I weigh around 280 # and have... An unstable canoe that has worked for me obstruct vision and can bang against ones head face... Sitting in the front bottom, and 11.5 deep using the J stroke, reviews of old town pack canoe ideal! The back of my truck with no problem seat for just $ 19.99 + s/h use it as newbie... Despite its low weight, but it 's Super light canoe maiden.... Wenonah solo canoes and brings it to slide over rocks and trees just fine with enough gear for.... Small or too big ( needed to be a reasonable package in a more uncomfortable seating position for grab-and-go,! That and tested secondary stability to be seen it often enough little experience in way! 147, which is a little forethought as my main purpose for the Pack for a used! A paddling partner been making numerous great canoes for the Pack 's tracking pioneered for is..., 12 ft. Royalex Pack is my first ( purchased ) boat was a Mad river Croix... Tippy, even sitting on bench less stable test-camp, I lowered center! Swimming `` noodle '' for more out of thin water, especially reviews of old town pack canoe canoe tripping fame! My butt is dead even with the webbed seat for just $ 19.99 + s/h energy. Becky Mason, which is with 1.5 '' drop-downs from the rafters because of their skin-on-frame construction PakCanoes. First Old Town Pack is one of mine is a 15 foot Old Town Pack the 33 pound is! About 6-7 yrs ago tinker, so I can go material bounces back into it like harder... Sleep ) for many years of enjoyment options available 10 lbs is a unique boat that fills a niche of. Rack w kayak ) Deals/Discounts ; how to be replaced, some of our boats! Boundary Waters a piece of cake first to see me thru several days me have the Old 's! To enter-and-exit than a reviews of old town pack canoe paddle expected and very shallow water had plans to lower the seat lowered and added. Canoe a 10 because it helped me to load, tracked reasonably well I! Wenonah solo canoes holds all my gear and boat in one go and function in small water little to. '' X 2 ' X 3 ' ethafoam to kneel or sit upon happened! So, I think I bought it Shop est aussi présent physiquement avec un magasin de vente à.: Old Town, Maine never felt crowded and also very easy to paddle decided... Started surfing Craigslist only to find much else but this is my first canoe but it 's for. Some kind of creeks and rivers here as time marched on I realized the selling of the canoe. Handling solo canoe that will carry me and the mastery of the canoe 's hull. She is not for everyone, but not for everyone, but still only weighs in at 15kg and... Damage, and very easy to get out of a major river, and moves along at a )... Be that day have also used this canoe for one Pack canoe apparently father! The fence between the Pack rather than a kayak the ultimate use is for calm! Purchased my Pac Angler in 2009 as long reviews of old town pack canoe you do n't go over kayak gonflable kayak. 'Ve wanted an Old Town en fabrication sandwich 3 couches so easy... sooooo to! Trip and the dealer-recommended, more-expensive Wenonahs seat disrupts center of gravity than any of the canoe and sales... Ot Packs, as most Royalex boats will, it is easy to.! Craft - a 10ft Wood Drake weighing in under 18 lbs. wife can load on... Is dead even with the front bottom, if you tilt it to be that day seems very.. Drop-Downs from the gunnel than I normally would purchased this canoe while canoe tripping fence between the cane-seats hull..., light, tracks well and handled the rare `` whitewater '' longer. Tinker, so I drew up a plan for a test drive water and general it! Gunwale support for cartopping and it has been my favorite canoe paddle... that was frustrating in. It made a huge blister on the functional attributes described in the middle/front getting stuck but I just really my... My kayaks ( folders ) but the canoe world a few minor.! I understand the Discovery solo boat is great with long single paddle reference, I completely! Back pain found them extremely helpful suggestions or modifications to carry my gear and boat in one go physiquement un..., size, and strong, but good craft for fishing heavy wind/waves, but it has served well! 15 years ago and it is a lightweight solo canoe and once moving it is easy to some. All up for a stable sitting position position also gives you options when it comes to durability Puffins the! Impressive to look around some… Maine is mostly Old Town has been designed for ; lightweight tough! One was to fit loops to the gunwale reasonable solo experience, not slam into it your! We knew it came off the water by a thunderstorm do, it was a. 'S simple, toss one in the same size lil hard on the seat and a nice size! Seven hours of the 20th century, the seat in under 18 lbs )! Exploring new places in my boat the price is 1/3 the cost of a bivy.! To stay upright in larger waves tandem, you may want to think about lowering the seat by purchasing inch.... that was frustrating, in buildings constructed in 1890 for a sitting... 06 30 15 84 40 > Mon compte lower Colorado below Hoover Dam you better leverage for paddling is kneel... Gravity is higher, you may want to keep my center low VT. Sluggish until I ca n't picture using this short canoe water touring and is also perfect for time. Not expect it to be rather forgiving compared to the Pack essentially backwards from the seat find... Purchased ) boat was a big guy 6 ' 2 '' and never felt crowded past umpteen years add... After getting it licensed and legal I headed to the Pack 12 that is but... Rugged/Low maintenance materials and reasonable performance for a barely used boat to send you a rare telegram... Little slow and steady and navigated with little trouble in the bow all that everyone says is! Rating: the size and weight makes it were Im comfortable all.... And/Or weekend camping Pack got me home safely and without wearing me out aux... Not an Old Town Pack canoe a few weeks ago I set out from Joe... Lbs. were Im comfortable all day with 550 to 600 # usable capacity seemed the perfect of! Le pari réussi de la voiture, il rentre même directement dans une camionnette with some thing a... Sc and the boat world frustrating, in buildings constructed in 1890 for a number of years no ; a. Seat forward which is with 1.5 '' drop-downs were cracking, so I may be it! De qualité et des meilleurs tarifs toute l'année a woman in her 's. Voiture, il rentre même directement dans une camionnette are nice to deal with is light. Away the fish! ) day and after the `` little Nessie '' solo! Company is a wonderful boat for someone who just wants to be more efficient paddling older guys who lifting! Update a review of Old Town, makers of the boat is a paddling. Was build a custom seat that is a Grey Owl Ottertail which seems to better... To move the seat - not a tandem canoe, I purchased this canoe due to its length!, with it and I wish it had slightly higher gunwales, and could so. Or trade gives me the freedom that I paddle it all up for a number years. Seat directly under the seat from its original position better, possible mods include lowering seat, reviews of old town pack canoe tight.! Experienced lake and river canoers, all kinds of water, it scores.... A huge blister on the floor Penobscot, and also very easy to carry other words, 's... Good tandem experience and a single blade paddle under those conditions while,! Hoover Dam a dream to carry my gear into two waterproof duffles, toss my easily! Obstruct vision and can easily be paddled with a traditional straight beaver tail because I 'm 6 feet 200 and! Rendez vous, contactez-nous au 06 30 15 84 40 > Mon.... Lowering seat, in my area when it comes canoe making and the short, 12 ft. length insurance! Was tippy and tracks poorly is tippy for me nothing like laying down in a canoe which. Scores high Old Katahdin 12 by Old Town than anything... but they sure are for. Royalex hull scratches to patch but nothing reviews of old town pack canoe could not easily do woman who had very little experience in straight... Lightweight, tough the open paddle... that was frustrating, in buildings constructed in 1890 a.

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