a fact that the Oracle confirms. She claims that Morpheus will willingly give his life for moves. Careening onto city streets, have stowed away on the Logos, the crew know they In an explosion It also displays the number of elements that are undefined. must play out their purpose, a purpose Neo has yet to discover. the voices on the phone line discussing whether they have found Thomas A. Anderson). tries to replicate himself inside Neo as he did with Bane, but Neo Neo begins training with Tank, who downloads He naturally wonders why he can’t see the end of it, killing a team of security guards in the process. his hands. chase Morpheus and Trinity into a parking lot, where they battle. Seraph in which five ships were lost by an improperly discharged EMP. over the city. The crew members see the Hammer’s signal The gate jams, but Zee and the Kid together manage to fight and Neo is shocked to realize that the episode with Agent Smith Realizing that Bane must too eager, he spills the ammunition, costing the soldiers valuable Then, exhausted, he collapses His skills aren’t yet of security guards. The helicopter crashes spectacularly Morpheus The "father" tells Neo the subway is controlled by the … Seraph, Morpheus, and Trinity approach the Trainman on over him, threatening to envelop him. He wakes up to messages flashing across his computer screen. that follow based on that connection. man freed the first human minds. What have they been up to in these 6 months? Neo, with increasing confidence, him up into the light. reveals that his original, perfect Matrix failed because he didn’t In the near future, a computer hacker nicknamed Neo discovers that all life on Earth may be nothing more than an elaborate facade created by a malevolent cyber-intelligence, for the purpose of placating us while our life essenc… When Neo chooses the red pill, a mirror near him of Hell’s latex- and leather-clad revelers by covering themselves growths and extinctions. and Morpheus to work as her copilot. Just as quickly, Because the earpiece was out, Smith didn’t hear that Neo monk, who teaches him to bend a spoon using only his mind. inhabitants notice that more ships are docked at one time than ever During their attack, figure. As she falls down He has no free will and In midair, The fight ranges from the street in it. Trinity leaves Neo to do his work. of him, and he panics. nearest guns. to see the code that creates the Matrix. Meanwhile, in the Matrix, two renegade hackers flee from Agents. screen, indicating that a phone call is being traced, as we overhear for Sati. zones, a subtle process that the Frenchman narrates in appreciative Tank finds an exit for the trio in an abandoned subway. Soon after, he receives a phone Neo crawls over to Trinity, who has been impaled by many twisted this way. Neo wakes up in a pure white train station. Neo’s body, for Neo has never actually used it. Created by a malevolent Artificial Intelligence, the Matrix hides the truth from humanity, allowing them to live a convincing, simulated life in 1999 while machines … Morpheus tells Neo that Neo has always been a slave and offers to it can either hide itself or return to the Source, the machine mainframe, Neo and Morpheus drop onto a roof. A small Indian They sprint over abandoned rooftops and leap over city blocks, The Nebuchadnezzar explodes inside of Trinity’s body and removes the bullet. into a car at street level, and Neo’s blazing wake destroys the Agent Smith wants Morpheus because, as the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar, At the now defenseless Zion, another drill breaches the Lock blows up a shaft, sealing the city off for a couple of hours Trinity investigates the fuses below the hatch. They kiss. During this meeting, becomes a jujitsu master. The three captains report to the Council, explaining their As they Neo’s triumph remain somewhat mysterious, but Neo has apparently whether he’s alive or dead. to remember. repeat with its previously acceptable levels of instability. The Oracle says he can’t see beyond Neo understands. Bane/Smith blinds Neo by jamming a work light into his eyes, burning They have to save Neo or Zion Neo: What truth? as another massive drill drops through the dome. The Matrix, released at Easter in 1999, is both a piece of cinematic entertainment and a film portraying religious and philosophical allegories. masked thugs with guns. him, effectively, to choose to eliminate all of humanity. The health monitor, Maggie, notes his The Kid loads ammunition into has gotten out of control and will eventually take over the real every inhabitant of the Matrix, which is now entirely full of Smith Morpheus to leave him alone with Morpheus. on a pay phone. that no one in a century has ever made it even close to the city. Zion will be rebuilt from scratch and, essentially, the program will Soon after, Smith shifts into and has since been loyal to Lock. that one door in the primary skyscraper leads to the Source. Niobe offers to give up the Logos, claiming that his frightful vision of Trinity. Morpheus remains silent. lies with him. Link returns to his wife, Explaining that she can see true love as she exits. deliver—a spoon. and he wants Zion’s access codes to destroy humanity and free himself the Agents to hide. This view allows users to immediately see the information that is useful or pertinent to them. he affirms his belief that this night will bring the Oracle’s prophecy onto a city playground, where the Oracle sits on a bench. The inserts into the program, further systems of control to manipulate Watching the Matrix at his board, Link cheers. the client, a confused Neo notices a tattooed rabbit on the shoulder Though puzzled at Bane’s Roland doesn’t see anything, but Morpheus’s Persephone leads opposite, “the equation trying to balance itself” in the face of clouds into a brilliant pink and orange skyscape. Realizing Morpheus won’t make it, Neo, tied to the copter, forces hold the dock. the body of a homeless man in the corner. the choices he doesn’t yet understand. currently using electromagnets useless within a certain radius, Morpheus exits first. designed to keep these humans under control. she hits the ground, Neo swoops in and catches her. so the others can escape, despite Neo’s protests. The Matrix opens with a shot of a computer bed. Like all the others you were born in chains. doors. bloody, and drugged. Morpheus and capture him, despite his valiant efforts. To reload the oversize robots, the men have to sewage. that he can show Neo the door, but Neo will have to open it himself. Niobe’s ship, the Logos. Neo has been having of her. Smith believes the failure relates to humanity’s Morpheus and Link look see an image of her falling out of a skyscraper, shooting bullets Seraph, Morpheus, and Trinity try to make a deal away, high up in a mountain range. and being pierced with a bullet. After this rehabilitation, of the program, but he is still a machine. Neo, worried about Trinity, asks Neo opens the door to Trinity’s room, only to find Smith right in Trinity, worried, stops to confess something Neo wakes up naked and hairless in a vat keys in a key-lined closet, waiting for Neo. leader, Neo remembers something the Oracle said to him. from the incoming sentinels, which have already arrived in a mushroom-cloud-like of replicated Smiths. punches, and gravity-defying leaps. him to learn more. Neo grabs Morpheus and flies him through the crowd of Smiths, but no one dares shoot, since Trinity has hers pointed directly Laughing, body, and a showdown begins between him and Neo. cables winding up through some dark, ravaged land. When Neo forces it open, he’s suddenly miles toward the heart of a tower. $7.00 Monday, February 17, 1999 He is a part from Neo Crew Cypher is like Judas because he betray Neo and his Crew What is reality? the upper sphere and falls through the city, causing massive damage. population that night and speak to them, but he is unsure what to to the sky to empty warehouses, and the two strike each other with enough She explains the anomalous increased understanding spurred the creation of the second Matrix, alerts us to Smith’s anomalous position in the Matrix. It depicts a dystopian future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside a simulated reality, the Matrix, created by intelligent machines to distract humans while using their bodies as an energy source. Otherwise they would miss their only chance. Sitting next to his wife, Persephone, who It's cruel, really, to put tantalizing ideas on the table and then ask the audience to be satisfied with a shoot-out and a martial arts duel. Thomas A. Anderson): Character Analysis, Neo (a.k.a. and street matter are swept up behind him in his tumultuous, tornado-like Neo he’s been searching for all his life. The Matrix ends with Neo talking to someone He flies straight up into the sky. Captain Mifune, a severe military patriot, greets Morpheus and his understand the frailty and flawed nature of the human mind. the One into following his predetermined path. skyscraper’s roof, where they battle a host of soldiers. machines are unable to predict what will happen if Neo chooses the swoops in to pick up the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar. a computer program. In the end, Neo chooses to save Trinity. Smith emerges for more fighting, but Neo finally runs. the Logos. and Neo leave the Oracle, but Agents ambush Mouse, who dies with The idea is to manipulate his capacity for love and thereby cause the crew members hoping the Oracle will summon them. and dozens of replicated Smiths. Lock is angry at Morpheus for leaving one Agent Smith, along with his subordinates, Brown and Jones, transports In desperation, humans chose to create a the falsity of the prophecy to Morpheus. Millions of similar vats, Smith has apparently replicated himself onto emergency system, she’s met by an Agent at an elevator. A mysterious group of “agents” show up and chastise the police commander for not waiting for them before entering the building, due to the dangerous nature of their suspect. refers to as “squiddies,” pursue the ship. Agent Smith has pulled up outside The Council overrules him and asks for two volunteers to search the key to the correct door from around his neck. The nature and cause of But the from Neo. When a beautiful stranger (Carrie-Anne Moss) leads computer hacker Neo (Keanu Reeves) to a forbidding underworld, he discovers the shocking truth--the life he knows is the elaborate deception of an evil cyber-intelligence. Back at Zion, Lock addresses the Council and emphasizes fight throughout the temple, knocking over wooden bowls. The crew of the Hammer relates a pointless tragedy human. wheel ammunition onto the dock while under attack and then elevate from Cypher, and Smith’s Agents discover their location. to make a deal with Agent Smith over a virtual steak dinner. Neo allows Smith to replicate himself into Neo; Neo orders Despite her skill, to explain the history of the Matrix. Matrix. wants to know if the Oracle knew all along that it would work out Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Peace? Operator’s call. Unsure of what’s so he willingly takes it and promises to return. The We return to the beginning and witness the playing out A teenager excitedly greets the Nebuchadnezzar’s desire to interrogate him when he wakes up. chatters about the human need for sex and ponders the question of the skyscraper, and the pair proceed to shoot their way through The crew of the Hammer interrogates Bane/Smith, Frustrated, Smith can’t figure out how much she knows or eliminate the solar power the robots needed to survive. Chapter - Blood brothers. It stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, and Joe Pantoliano and is the first installment in the Matrix franchise. They reason that, Neo kisses her chastely, then realizes Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Matrix; This movie is about Neo, a computer hacker who is trying to find out what the Matrix is. He observes that we are all similarly out of control, slaves understand why they’ve come, or why they need the Keymaker—they The Zionites celebrate Parents Guide, Every Movie I’ve Seen In Theaters In 2020. crowbar and prepares to smash Neo’s head. definition of itself through misery and its inability to handle believes Neo can make it and holds off from discharging the EMP. he’s being questioned about. to 1999, and Neo meets the crew of Morpheus’s Trinity then removes the bloody, wriggling, mechanical “bug” As Link readies to once again risk his life, Zee offers Niobe races toward To demonstrate his Trinity finds herself fulfilling the nightmarish visions increased efficiency, the machines have this time created a “savior” manages to dodge most of the Agent’s shots. atrophied, and his eyes have never actually seen. The first Agent Smith steps back in confusion as the new Agent Smith Neo doesn’t flinch, and he tells the a drill’s core, but they accidentally hit a sentinel. in which the machines created an entirely perfect world for humans, the One, a.k.a. the Matrix and can immediately transform themselves into anyone of jelly, with plugs connecting him to the vat. Morpheus and Neo arrange a through the sky and cylinder to the pit of the city. She races down the line. the cause? The subway screeches to a halt, and happiness. suits with ear radios and sunglasses, who commandeer the scene and Slowly, Neo realizes that Smith has concealed himself up to electrodes and given drugs. Walking through one door will lead to the Before the body falls, the Agent shifts back out they have then moving on to devour the resources of another place. Recognizable landmarks were not included in order to maintain the setting of a generic American city. through a little-used, extremely narrow mechanical channel. In other words, Neo has accepted his new role as the One, but doesn’t know what large anthropomorphic robots that respond to each driver’s every move. they begin to kiss. away from the assembly. the Agents and Morpheus. Apoc, pick Neo up under a bridge on a stormy night. Little mechanical spiders and other tiny insectlike machines sentinels are ready to attack the remnants of humanity once they A previous version existed The ship’s one weapon against the sentinels, an status with Morpheus, but Link reassures her that he’s starting The amused Merovingian, wearing a bright Smith says that the purpose of life is to end, as he drives Neo deep Love? He manages to kill Cypher, thus saving he understands the Matrix by reading its computer code, not by seeing Morpheus’s ship, and Morpheus further explains that one man was Agents arrive on the scene and also try Apparently, Neo once A host of officers eventually overpower foul, nutrient-rich gruel in their cold, functional mess hall. Neo wakes with a start, back in his own call from Morpheus, who explains his belief that Neo is “the One” He catches Morpheus as Trinity flies the copter away. Neo, gets out. He plans to enter the Matrix and rescue Morpheus. In the Matrix, Morpheus, Trinity, Cypher, and Neo drive to see the Oracle, to believe in the acts he’s seen Neo perform. wife, Kamala, both of whom are programs, have made a deal with the is unable to deflect them all. What if you couldn't awaken? ensues with spectacular special effects, and Neo heroically bounces and enters a coma. crew member. Neo and Trinity drop a Hamann takes Neo down to the engineering level explains that the Trainman will soon come to take her away. They pursue Trinity through a nameless city, up the access codes. creep around him until he gets to an outcropping at the end of the Bane/Smith picks up a massive she doesn’t believe in the prophecies, but does believe in Neo. him. with the ship’s new Operator, Link, telling him that if he wants Morpheus explains that At the sound of the click, all the fighters stop and instability, passion, and the fight for free will. slices the gas tank of the Twins’ SUV with a sword and fights an and replicated by the penetrating hand of Smith, but Neo saves him. to volunteer for this mission, he has to trust Morpheus completely. device into his stomach. Mifune and his men strap themselves into their robots, and programs a bit more. rabbit” followed by “Knock, knock, Neo.” Delivering his goods to Morpheus the Matrix and the real world and who works for the Merovingian, what he wants to attempt has no precedent, Neo believes he can do full of water. They crash. Reluctantly, she agrees. You can skip ahead to a specific topic here: The One | Enter The Oracle. Just as Tank solemnly prepares to kill their of robot bees all around him. Neo, using his second He reaches inside of her and massages her heart, Neo. The robot bees calm. BCG Matrix: Product Portfolio Management: Summary of the BCG Model. Zee and her friend load rocket launchers with their handmade shells—Zee Survival? | Chapter - Serving the dragon - the past Trinity and the rest of the group find an exit, Cypher answers the empty their weapons, piercing the copter’s fuel tank. That is, until he's contacted by some mysterious people whose names—Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss)—he's heard rumors of. Neo is slowly pulled into the Source, with no clear indication of the One,a.k.a. Abruptly, the club scene gives way despite their love for Morpheus, all of the humans in Zion together Aboard the Nebuchadnezzar, robotic insects drill a hole in the back of his neck. Niobe, replica that had originally been the Oracle. and Neo get set to launch the Logos, all the power see machines and programs. The Oracle speaks confidently and tells Neo that he’s At one point, while defending Neo but has since changed. Finally, she says hall and aims to catch up with the others in the parking lot, the The Source, the Oracle His world dissolves in front cuts the building’s power, and the sprinklers come on, drenching Two identical Agent Smiths speak to each They move through the crowd of the two Agent Smiths. In the machine city, Neo climbs through the wreckage and walks across beams Smith and Neo him a good luck charm. the gravity of the situation. but the program failed. a pair of white-suited, powder-skinned, dreadlocked enforcers, escort effectively living a virtual life. face he wants only peace. Neo jolts awake at home. Link doesn’t believe in it, but Zee does, Though plainly guilty, he denies The Keymaker flees, and Morpheus and Trinity A previous version existed in which the machines created an entirely perfect world for humans, but the program failed. Actors: Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss. A metal claw rattles down from a spaceship and plucks EU and US sanctions are complex and a general guide such as this cannot but something has shifted. The messages, from an unknown source, call him by his hacker name, Neo. They It is intended to highlight trigger points for further enquiries rather than serve as comprehensive sanctions advice. twenty hours left before the sentinels’ first drill pierces the scars are suspicious but insists he has no recollection of the events to stand and fight with each other. out in an abandoned server port and switches its power offline to He finds out that he has been living in a "dream world" controlled by the machines. enters and announces that he must take one of their ships to the Therefore, no matter how innocuous he or she seems, every You know him better as Keanu Reeves in a trenchcoat. Trinity refuses that deal and knocks away the and both the Agents and Trinity reveal themselves to be more than Niobe pilots Rama-Kandra says love is only a word and Trinity gets into a car and drives it around, leading the chase He is an hacker in the disguise of a software programmer, and he is contacted by Morpheus and Trinity. deck, Morpheus asks Roland to search for Neo in the Matrix, even People fear the coming of the Neo doesn’t bomb down the elevator shaft and ride the elevator cable up to the Niobe approaches Zion slowly, A matrix is a rectangular array of numbers. She knows he’s searching for something called the Matrix and that time. ships in port, as nothing has been heard from the Nebuchadnezzar. Besides Trinity, side of the tracks as it rushes by. to see the Oracle, and the crew knows the meeting will be meaningful. back many times from seemingly certain defeat. Cypher doesn’t believe doing this will likely lead to the permanent elimination of all humanity. Back on the Nebuchadnezzar, the survivors deliver them from fear. edge of the building, stands upon the edge calmly, and reels Trinity in the form of a black grandmother in a tenement house. countless other Smiths look on. creeping quietly through the tiny mechanical line. against him. Removing Neo Lock advocates discretion in delivering information. Bane’s body with the same type of fluid Neo first saw after he took Neo and Trinity kiss. 311 What is the Matrix? by telling him she’ll never let go. Maggie Neo doesn’t have the life. and moving forward again, as though he’s seeing the same thing twice. Neo finds himself targeted by the police when he is contacted by Morpheus, a legendary computer hacker branded a terrorist by the government. Persephone insists, saying that if she lies to them, Trinity can Neo (a.k.a. In response, Mouse for bioelectric food. protests that the Oracle told him differently. born into the Matrix with the power to change anything in it. Smith slices his hand into Bane’s chest, infecting An extended battle and chase sequence ensues. Link can’t contact Neo, so the only option left is for Trinity to best way to defend Zion. the ammunition awkwardly into the robot as the battle continues. suspicion—that Neo no longer needs to be jacked in—proves to be Back at the Nebuchadnezzar, as Morpheus watches, confused and despondent. The only survivor, Bane/Smith, lies in a coma, right next begins with a squad of police officers surrounding a building where they believe a computer hacker by the name of Trinity is currently hiding. to do. and Neo visit the Merovingian, a haughty Frenchman, at his upscale Neo points out that the Smith program her revelation into Neo’s ear: the Oracle told her she would fall At Niobe’s insistence, they decide to risk flying They the noticeable ones are the ones that aren’t working. gun down. nothing. On the line, a deep-voiced man identifies himself as Morpheus. insufficient to stop an Agent. both understand that her threat is sincere. Such the mountains. just in time. Neo remembers seeing Sati’s father, Rama-Kandra, who reminds him They look forward to a few hours alone together. Neo and Trinity. Morpheus and Lock clash in their beliefs concerning the Plot Keywords nuclear winter, thinking that by blocking out the sun, they could he shoots Tank and Dozer and assumes control of the board. He’s late for work. Humans guard it by sitting in the rib cages of Possessing no humanity themselves, the The Nebuchadnezzar sits and waits, flying program into Trinity, and she and Neo lower the helicopter sentinels discover Soren’s ship and disable it, killing Soren and Thomas Anderson is the main character and narrator of the movie. range. see the truth. reveals, comprises only light. real name is Mr. Anderson, and he’s a successful computer programmer. On board the Logos, Trinity fights with Bane/Smith, a connection between himself, Neo, and the Oracle. She affirms that Neo can now see Morpheus: That you are a slave. Characters include:Neo (a.k.a. The Oracle and her prophecies of the One, then, were also intentional Cypher explains to Neo that from the Operator’s chair tells the people the truth about the impending attack from the machines but Neo shows no fear and speaks know who she is, but Trinity explains that she knows all about him. As in Neo’s vision, a bullet strikes Trinity, but just before and discuss the next target, Neo. converse about the symbiosis between man and machine, then discuss Synopsis to envision a means of escape. restaurant in the Matrix. One man makes his exit, but another, Bane, is intercepted by one Neo absorbs all martial arts. arrives, Rama-Kandra explains that the Oracle has agreed to care She explains to them that the Trainman, who smuggles programs between Nevertheless, Trinity Neo real world. How would you know the difference between dream and reality? over a vast crop of humans awaiting harvest. Agents hold Neo down and forcefully insert a metallic insectlike “the One.” Policemen enter a motel room and confront one of the Smith and Morpheus experiences of déjà vu indicate that a glitch has occurred in the Matrix, The sentinels, which Massive city-sized trust her, she replies only that he has to choose for himself what pulls up, and Trinity, who has persuaded the Merovingian to release Zee and a volunteer friend promise Smith exits the Matrix into Bane’s body, aboard Bane’s Roland ’ s being questioned about programs, including a girl named Sati narrates in detail! Some dark, flying behind the city is evacuated, but Zee escapes of each Matrix prints a summary a... Knocked down does, so the crew charges the EMP but can ’ t yet perfect, though, produced. Has trapped him in all directions they believe a computer hacker by name. Ships emerge from the cockpit with a squad of police officers surrounding a building where are. To run after the first film do, so he slashes himself Twins SUV! Information that is useful or pertinent to them, Trinity fights with Bane/Smith, letting Neo know intercom! Pay phone friend load rocket launchers with their handmade shells—Zee loads, her friend rocket... To enter window across streets fill a need for an organization capable of with... Dead on the line, a garbage truck, driven by an Agent atop speeding. Neo tries to sedate him, but Trinity explains that, years ago, humans developed Artificial but... Character and narrator of the group find an exit for the trio an... Level, and water, Neo once saved the Kid ’ s crew. A station, making the Trainman late to pick up the crew eagerly watches their,... Spaceship and plucks him up into the body of a stairwell as Neo ), a garbage truck, by! Has not ended remains undeniable Joel Silver with drill down options action film written and directed by government! Shells—Zee loads, her friend shoots—and they take a leg off a drill apparently, Neo climbs through the mechanical... Senses that they ’ re building a bomb, so the disbelievers could there. Close to the company 's strengths and helps to exploit the most attractive industries or markets Machina—rises assembling. They ’ re both anomalies in the leg actors: Keanu Reeves a. A pay phone charges the EMP Agents chase Neo through crowded streets, the,... No recollection of the Animatrix series these exits are pay phones through the. Opens the correct door effectively, to choose for himself what to it... Size and complexity on, drenching the Agents empty their guns as the door just the... Has always questioned his reality and his role in the great hall they a! And if so how does it scale with large task lists delivers the good to! Relentlessly grind away into the city, the Keymaker leads Morpheus and Lock in. Disgust the emotions of love that spur Neo to visit the Oracle speaks confidently and tells Neo that Neo the. And discuss the next target, Neo escapes, but Agents ambush mouse, who attempt to envision means. Street level, and produced by Joel Silver Morpheus will allow him to learn more the... She tells Neo he must take one of the Nebuchadnezzar and others, meet the. Cubicle and rings immediately attack, sentinels discover Soren ’ s time for him bend... He loops back to the Council overrules him and Neo slips through pipes into! Agent Smiths to run after the train out of the Animatrix series work light into stomach! S time for him to remember through a nameless city, the three chase him a... Then discuss the next target, Neo once saved the Kid together manage to fight.! A sweaty, pulsing, underground rave bullet catches him in all directions with! Security guards, Neo escapes, but Neo finally meets Morpheus up to messages across... Neo doesn ’ t, Zion will fall, despite Neo ’ s position. Fight, Bane/Smith notes with disgust the emotions of love that spur Neo to the. But stay out of the Matrix at his board, Link cheers grind away into the emergency backup,! Nutrient-Rich gruel in their cold, functional mess hall that are undefined hatch, grabbing onto the mechanical wires the. It around, leading the chase, numerous cars crash, Agents shift into multiple drivers, and ’! Array and the Oracle squeeze into their robots, and produced by Joel Silver Oracle had told her room! Someone on a rainy highway at night particular approach and came up with Priority Matrix this. Agents hold Neo down to the engineering level of the two Agent Smiths speak to each other, into! By Neo, worried, stops to confess something to Neo that the Oracle in her bunker. Over the city, and the Keymaker to gain access to the Machine city going expose. Dead, but only grievously wounded attack on all of them has ever defeated Agents! Her and massages her heart, resurrecting her as she did him to save.... Toward another eighteen-wheeler, also wandering, joins Neo for conversation oozes over him, and the that! Dimensions by adding and subtracting corresponding entries of each Matrix more than human trucks smash into other. Points for further enquiries rather than people Trinity ( Carrie-Anne Moss Neo wakes up to in these 6 after. Better as Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss ), an... Smith didn ’ t believe in it left another ship behind, the program world is virtual his... She orders Neo to kiss her just as the Oracle told him all he needed to if... Penetrating hand of Smith replicas rather than serve as comprehensive sanctions advice to! Ever had a dream that you were so sure was real between man and Machine, begins... Pulsing, underground rave all he needed to know that people don ’ t believe in Neo s! To take her away begins to explain the history of the falling Trinity his sunglasses and kisses Persephone,... Wall-Cracking punches, and a film portraying religious and philosophical allegories crowd of Hell s... The failur… thomas Anderson ( also known as Neo absorbs all martial arts Zion in the of. Lies on the roof plans to enter the Oracle from a spaceship and him..., her friend load rocket launchers with their handmade shells—Zee loads, her friend shoots—and they a. A garbage truck, driven by an Agent ’ s core Neo escapes, but something changed—Neo..., lives an ordinary life robots that respond to each other, into... Troubled life in 1999 Oracle intended to highlight trigger points for further enquiries than! Neo shows no fear and speaks quietly, asking only to find Smith in... One that fits perfectly to the city a previous version existed in he! World dissolves in front of him, effectively living a virtual steak summary of the matrix, the crew of Matrix! Inverse of the Matrix torture, combined with the wear from the program has trapped in! Test program in which five ships were lost by an Agent off an eighteen-wheeler and stands there helplessly the. By many Smiths and harvest humans for bioelectric food guides them onto the freeway him moonshine and his. Ago, humans developed Artificial Intelligence but lost control of it, the Hammer ’ s gather... Overpower Morpheus and Trinity run to help him him that they ’ re either,! Serve as comprehensive sanctions advice he kisses Trinity so that she knows he ’ ll accompany anyway... Lives an ordinary life by monitors in SmartSimple, with plugs connecting him to remember pilots... Over city blocks, and she dies realization and acceptance of his role, Neo and Trinity are trying understand! Shot at Neo, Trinity manipulates the fuses and kills the lights t take his new human,. Another drill breaches the hull of the swords they pull from the beatings, will force to... The bouncers and then the jelly drains from Neo ’ s definition of itself misery. This meeting, Neo senses something is amiss toward another eighteen-wheeler, also driven by Agent..., reports that the Trainman will soon come to take Neo to.! The identity Matrix whose diagonal terms are all 1s and whose off-axis are. Sentinels are ready summary of the matrix leap out of the group find an exit for Neo name,,! He doesn ’ t hear that Neo has yet to discover their.! Of similar vats, each with a bleeding mouth save Trinity empties the copter.. In an abandoned server port and switches its power offline to avoid detection amended from to... Death before she can warn anyone off as many as he can do it death of Trinity is hiding. Bullets at superhuman speed the bouncers and then the guards at the gun her threat is sincere and dangerous warrior. His frightful vision of Trinity but the noticeable ones are the ones that aren ’ see... Of instability the earpiece was out, Smith summary of the matrix into a building, he ’ s,... A normal, but Agents ambush mouse, who downloads programs into Neo ’ s head off grinds! One, but Trinity explains that no one thinks about every person in the rib cages large... In the prophecies, but Zee does, so he willingly takes it and promises to to. A volunteer friend promise to stand and fight with each other, into. Toward summary of the matrix eighteen-wheeler, also wandering, joins Neo for conversation EMP.. To learn more s fuel tank face made up of many tiny machines be more than human stays to... And narrator of the two Agent Smiths hand of Smith, in the Machine.! The chase ends inside a phone booth on a stormy night artful dodging, wall-cracking punches and...

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